Message from Mother /Father God Up-Grade Your Chakras

This message is given with great love and affection, by the higher beings.  Cool

Now is the time to re-establish the up grade of the chakra system of the physical body, in doing so you will be giving earth and humanity an energy boost into a deeper connection to the higher being that you are.


Gaia’s chakras are re-aligning with the transmitted light from The Vega star system.

Because everything is connected with love, your chakras will start to re-align.

This will happen naturally even for the ones who are still asleep.

As light workers and way showers you can greatly enhance and help this by consciously going through the changing colour sequence into the Multi dimensional colours of the chakras.


We give you great love, to inspire you to tune into our love light for a direct line to your divine light body, just sit quietly, anchor in to earth, breath softly and ask to be given the understanding of these changes

Be love, be light, be happy x


These were on the Essex Spirit Guide in 2015.

‘A New Light On Ascension’, by Diana Cooper gives information about this process. Thank you Barb x  Cool