The Atlantis and Arkansas Crystals

Last year was a year of change when the frequency gave all conscious souls a new set of instructions for the future of Gaia and humanity.

The future work is to include the re-activation of Atlantis’s and the USA ancient crystals and pyramids that are buried in earth in the sea and on land both east and west plus all the work we did since 2015-16.


This place has the 2nd largest deposit of crystal that is the largest continual deposit of quartz on the planet and it is changing in it’s frequency, properties of light.

There is a larger deposit in Brazil but this is not a continual sheet like Arkansas.

The sacred codes of these crystals hold the light language and are connected now.

Each point has been mapped on earth and holds the diamond  codes and light language. This was done over the last 2 years with the crystal entity beings.

It does not work for the 3 /4th D earth, it is working on multi D of the new earth reality, it can be accessed through the conscious understanding of the higher self.


There are underground hyper tunnels that have been set up by the Atlantis people eons of time ago.

The connective energy that has been opened from the N/Pole has re- activation of these tunnels they have been connected to the areas on earth that have strong magnetic places and energetic places where quartzes crystals plateaus.

Portals and vortexes have open across the new earths multi Ds; its not the same as you have envisaged so far.

Portals on the multi Ds are a lot different to the ones on the 3rd/4th ds, they are NOT FLAT.

They are an open moving mass of pure light that is gathering to build enough power to project itself into the in-between- space to create the very essence of the new earth other portals will also start to form and open across the globe.