Mindfulness, Take back you power, Greetings, Blessings from the galactic family.

Mindfulness 7/11/16

The buzzword is mindfulness!

What does it mean?

Being mindful is being aware of what we are doing in this moment, consciously thinking about what we are doing, thinking and feeling, being aware of this in every moment of the day.

It’s about becoming consciously aware of these things and addressing them before anything else.

Sit for a moment in the quiet and reflect on how we feel inside, am I tired, hungry, sick, these are three things that are commonly ignored because we don’t give ourselves enough time.

If the physical is functioning correctly the mind is clearer, we are able to fit everything in and be relaxed about it.

These ideas are the way forwards in this new era of light energy.

Being Mindful means working with the mind and body, to learn to live in a more balanced way with less anxiety.

It’s knowing directly what is going on inside and outside of us, moment by moment.

It is a psychological process that brings our attention to the inner and outer experiences that is happening in every moment, it is also a practice of meditation, sitting in the quiet and becoming aware of the parts of you that may be being ignored.

Becoming mindful is another way of saying that we are becoming aware of our inner self, this part that has been ignored for so long. The times we live in is very relevant to this procedure.

It will bring a re-connection with our body and our feelings in the moment that we experience them and awareness of our thoughts feelings as they occur.  Take this with great love x


Take back your power

Take back your power, it’s yours, in your divine natural state of being connected to the source of creation, its unlimited, see yourself as a divine creator of your life.

The decisions that you make are pivotal in these times in history. Believe in your inner imagination that tells you this, your ideas actions and choices are your power. You have been told that they do not; this is NOT a truth.

When you become more in tune with your higher self, begin to understand that your high wisdom knows what’s best in each moment.

 Through your actions and interactions with others, you will learn to take responsibility for your self; this will give you your power.

Your true nature is love gatherers, not violence, conflict, pain and suffering, these are the illusions and dramas that have been put upon mankind by those who want control. This is changing as more and more souls are seeing this truth.

Humanity is ready for change, you have been in a state of lost memory of your true being, and have been living in a separated fear based life style, that has given your mistrust in all those who are in control.

You are a ‘being’ of enormous power, you can change your environment, change the experiences that are presented to you by the actions that you take in life, change the belief and the life pattern will change, you have forgotten how powerful you are. This is an aspect of the illusion of the reality that you think is essential to your life. It’s not a truth.

Remind your self that you are divine beings with enormous power who need to fear nothing, realise that you are living in unconditional love.

Ask the higher self to bring in more light.

The result of the dedication to ascension is more power, grace and ease to the life style that is the empowerment of love and its light.

You exist in more than one-dimensional level; ascension is merging with you higher self.

Look back to see how far you have already come.

We are one, compassion comes from the heart, hold it, this is where your compassionate higher self can bloom and flower then radiate it out to the rest of earth and beyond.

When you are in this state, you have forgiveness, no judgment. See yourself as we see you, bright shining light, that is a beautiful gift that you can give upon the world.

This will help others to come into this perspective so that they to can feel the conscious connection of joy peace and love.

We are one; the world is opening up her heart.  Share this and feel the love connection consciously while you radiate it our to the earth and universe. xxxx


Greetings, light souls on earth.

In the previous message we explained what we are and why we are close to earth in this NOW moment.

Many of you wont be able to accept that we are in anyway real, this is because of the beliefs that are given through the media.

The idea that there are other life forms outside of the human race has long been shown as SI-FI stories.

Now though the move into the quantum theory, physics, science, technology and the ability to connect through the internet are fast showing that there is a reasonable acceptability that these old belief are not a truth.

We can see this shift in the leading places of research, yet still the information given out is restricted.As an individual each one of you has control on what you want to believe and what you want to change in your beliefs.

With this new galactic pulse of light on/in Gaia comes the opportunity for all peoples to feel these changes in your perceptions and open up, expand your vision to encompass these waves of feelings that are strong in you.

Consciously think to tune away from the media control, change it to, you chose what you spend your time watching and then decide if you really believe what you see ad hear.

Start to feel the love from these new waves of light that’s everywhere. Look for a place in your life where YOU CAN FEEL IT with no interruption.

Just let your mind relax and let go of all the physical worrying actions of others.

As a physical being you are living this life in your physical life form. So you have to deal with these ups and downs of the physical waves.

Consciously give yourselves TIME OUT from these and consciously think about the love for life that you can feel in your hearts.

We have talked about methods of helping you to do this and they still hold. Going into a quiet place, breath in the elements, feel the love, breath through your chakras and grounding into central sun in the centre of earth.

For those who have tested these methods and can feel your unconditional love from your hearts, now is the time to start to incorporate these feeling in your everyday life. Keep remembering to bring your awareness back to this feeling of light connection and feel yourself expand.

Its expansion that’s the key to your progress, as you consciously let some of the old go, you have space within for the light to fill.

In everyday life, stuff happens and every time a negative is repeated again and again many of you are thinking, ‘I am fed up with this’, if this is happening to you, then its time to see what you are acting out in life, that’s bringing these old things all the time.

If you question your motives, this new light energy will call to you and all you need to do is respond by asking to be shown a way to let go of things that do not serve you.

We sit close by watching the progress and as we see a situation happening that’s being question we see you attract the light wave and we boost it with love light.

This shifts you in small steps towards your true light soul self being felt and recognised.

We give this information and with conscious love and understanding from the heart at this time.

Be love, Be light, Be happy. Thank you x



Blessings we are the Galactic Family.

There may be some people who are not aware of us; we are groups of souls who are residing on the local star systems Orion, Sirius and Pleiades, who work closely with the creator, central sun, divine light, mother father god and the masters.

  We are close to earth and are aiding with the ascension. We are energy in nature, and vibrate at a different rate to you, that is why you cannot see us within your vision, yet.

Our message is to give you information and method, to help you to become inspired, to help yourselves to adjust, to this new vibration/ wave and light frequency.

These energy waves are coming into the known universe, they are moving through all planets and stars, earth is the only one with conscious physical beings on it, you!

This makes you all-important, each one of you in your own way.

There is a need for all the higher beings of light to come together and work with you and earth/ Gaia, to help you to change your perceptions’ to the 5th dimension focus; this is the true state of your own light body.

Not every one will want to do this change, some have chosen not to, they, like every one, are doing their part of ascension; you have freedom of choice and can decied what you want to do.

The earth has been on a course of negativity, separation and polarity. The separation belief is not a truth; there is NO SEPERATION when you look at the quantum theory of waves and light.

The separation comes from what you experience by the things around you.

If you can understand that everything on earth has been set at a lower frequency, so that you can feel a tree as solid and separate from you. On this level it is!

Everything has its outside part; most people think in this way and focus on it.

The true being that you are, lives within this outside body, every living thing is made up of energy waves and light.

This light being within emanates out through the cells and atoms so that it can expand. It can’t help itself.

It’s the way your body works that dictates your beliefs, actions, relationships and everything about you, in your chosen life is given by outside influences.

Up to now these have been acceptable to you and still are for many, this is changing, these waves are changing your vibrational frequency and therefor changing your way of thinking about what you are actually doing in life.

We are giving information and knowledge so that you understand and pro-act instead of re-act to these changes within.

We give this with much love and respect for you, god speed you to your divine self. Thank you for reading this. Be Love, Be Light ,Be Happy. x



Ascension or mindfulness

Dear souls, we are looking at how we can give information that will be recognised by all peoples, yes, we are coming form the higher frequency of life and it’s this that’s bringing in the changes.

Not all souls are tuned into this spiritual part of life. Most are acting out their chosen life drama with all its fears and emotions, with no thought of changing anything because they believe they cannot.

It’s this belief that hampers the progress of awareness of what their personal truth is.

We are from the higher realms of being’s, we can give grounding to our messages by addressing the real problems in a person’s life.

In real life everyone is busy, they rush around in their 3rd dimension life style that is threaded with fear, confusion, stress, social mores and mind control from the media, leading everyone to NOT giving their self’s time to reflect.

In the evening when the day is slowing down, instead of becoming quiet and consciously reflective, the TV takes over this space until sleep, plus many other distractions, designed to stop the quiet reflection that’s needed to start to become a mindful consciously aware person who is in control of their actions.

Those who read these words are on the path way to becoming consciously mindfully aware of feelings on the inside, about how their life is being managed or not!

A person does not have to be aware of their own divine self to have feeling and thoughts about how they are not fulfilled or are uncomfortable, unhappy with the way their lives are working out.

When sitting in the quiet, focusing inwards, we can gain balance and see what is the truth about what we need in our life to manage everything in a more predictive way.

Sit quiet, breath in the fresh air deeply, centre your energy and root through the chakras, let go of every thought except what you are doing in this moment, the future can wait, the past is over and cannot be changed, so let it go.

Give yourself mindful conscious love as you breath; with every breath take in love to your inner self at this moment in a mindful conscious heart felt love.

When you start to practice mindfulness in a consciously aware state, you are starting on a journey that will help you to live a more fruitful and balanced life. Your perspective will change to having time and less stress.

Once you have realised that you are living in a totally connected world of energy and separation is an illusion, you can embrace mindfulness and merge it within the whole life, our earth and universe.

The spiritual side is known by the ancients cultures like Buddhist and Taoist, they all practiced being consciously mindful of how they viewed their life.

It has been proven that being mindfully aware of yourself benefits stress, anxiety, depression, and a wide range of physical conditions and for general well being, it will help us to enjoy a more healthy happy and aware way of life.

The power of the frequency of light that’s constantly swamping the universe and life on earth and us its peoples, is bringing to the surface things that we have been happy the ignore for eons of time.

No matter what you call it, mindfulness, meditation, being aware, ascension, it’s occurring en mass at this moment.

The therapy’s for mindfulness across the globe is expanding exponential. It’s bringing everyone who’s up for it into a more conscious space within his or her being.

As a side effect this will open areas of the mind and body so that a lot more understanding of the true nature of the self and how we are a living entity made up of the different self’s.

Mindfulness will bring these into an equal balance that will open the door to many practices that have been dormant for ages.

Things like learning to trust our gut feelings on decision and actions,

knowing that dreams and imagination is the language of the higher dimension and that you are much greater than your physical body, hearing and trusting the inner voice that is pure love, remember we are people who are love harvester not war mongers.

Getting to the place where we can recognise this is the whole idea of the procedure of mindfulness it leads too a much more fruitful way of living in harmony with the all of this moment, living in the now, connecting to the all.

 here are many of us who have practiced these methods and have evolved our fine-tuning. To be able to connect to the even lighter streams of energy that hold all knowledge and be able to give it over to other to help to encourage everyone to start mindfulness and bring in the less anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

Lead a much more peaceful aware way of living in harmony with all parts of ourselves, physical and divine. We all hold the divine spark of pure love, we will bring this forwards when practicing mindfulness.Be love, Be happy, Be light, bless you x