The lead up to Thira

The lead up to Thira has been very direct, through dreams, 8 weeks before the trip, in a dream we were asked to attach to a structure of two straight strong lines of white light, or something like that, “I am not ready to do this”!  A thought came into our head saying, “You will be”.

 From that date through the following two months in dreams and inspirations, we were given, the Duplex Tramlines from the 22 Galactic Diamond Crystal Array from the out universe that has been integrated with the Royal Lion Guardians field of light to bring energy, light, information, replacing and re-aligning neurons, DNA, amino acids and ribosome in our body

It’s the 1st of the three Celestial fields of the Trinitized light coming through Gaia into everyone’s energy vortexes.


It’s the new earth collective Supreme Creator that includes the Royal Lion Guardians light spirals Galactic Star and Solar Hearts that have connected to the personal new chakra set up in and round Gaia and life on her opening, activating and aligning to the R L G’s light spirals of ultra light within, expanding them out to the RLGs spirals of wisdom and light logos who are reaching out to entwine with ours creating an interference pattern that transmits their Ancient Information, light waves and new earth light spirals.


Personal recap: I have spent most of this day half or fully asleep dreaming about the way of the new earth land scape is, how it is, fields of energy- how it changes colour from blue to pink in one Nano-second, how energies emerge out of a flowing field to form a perfect oak tree then it evaporates before my eyes- how a field has golden symbols forming in set patterns in it- how its a field of a building with golden lights- I have not seen any peoples there are light beings moving across the area or fields of light forming into a face of a person or master or Vernon or a woman and they all know us.

 Intergalactic Royal Council:

Royal Lion Guardians make contact and send back new earth rays from the evolved light, this feels like a soft tingling in every cell of the bio suit, it’s information to D N A to keep the flow balanced and continuous e adjustments, it’s a wavy tingling pressure in ALL PARTS.

 Everyone is connected to the Galactic Solar Heart Field, a green field with a beam of gold going through, It’s from the council of lights on the hierarchy of the Father universe diagram in the Keys Of Enoch page 169.

This is coming in through the 8th chakra next to the crown connection its replacing/ altering neurons D N A, amino acids and ribosome.


The Galactic Star Heart field comes from the A.A, Metatron, Melchior and Michael through the councils of light, it’s a silver colour and it is from the Supreme Creator, M F God, great central sun in through he 8th chakra’s from the inner Galactic federation.

This ray shifts everything into the upper Ds, vibrations, and frequencies of light, 5th – 12th MD.


This group speaks:

On this day we are filling Gaia humanity, you with these rays until they activate on earth, the adjustment you received last night and today until 4.00 pm have aligned your matrix for this holding until 12.00 tonight at that time a single flow will expand out into a new earth field ready for the next phrase- Thira.

The Supreme creator, Galactic Star Heart, Galactic Solar Heart and the Royal Lion Guardians fields bring four rays that turn from a beam into a field that merges with the green field of the Star Hearts as one, angels are abundant, everywhere, comforting, guarding, holding with love.


In my book ‘Trekking To Mindfulness and Self-Development” I spoke about methods to help bring in our higher beings, becoming consciously aware of being in the world but not of it and learning and understanding that there is much bigger picture that we can tap into to help ourselves, others and earth.


My understanding is that there are many species of life in the universe and we are just one, its based on frequency’s of light harmony and balance.

Science shows that our physical body has a certain frequency and it’s limited, we can only function in it on earth as a 3/4th D. the other part of our make up is our wave energy field that is housed within our body but has the ability to be as big as our balanced, unrestricted hearth felt feelings and imagination.

 Although our bio-suit is limited it’s controlled by beliefs, thoughts and emotions; change them; and we can change our whole life and body.

Keep a distance from the media it energetically hooks into our 3/4th D earth this stops the control loop, break out of that and feel the freedom of the true being that you are its 90% of our whole the other 10% is our physical part.

 For eons of time man/earth has been locked into the control of the few and 3/4th D world has held them static.

As in all cycles our universe has come into a part of its cycle that’s opening up higher levels of light frequencies that is having and effect on earth and man its time for Gaia to move away from the negative controls; earth, humanity and all life is reacting to the energy that’s coming from the cosmos, our sun is emitting different, strong radiation, the planets conjunction eclipses’ and star formation all create field of energy that engulfs earths peoples, the long tern calendar has started another cycle.

 Because of my life path I am aware of these different frequencies and have consciously decided to think into them to expand them into my life.

It’s given me a much bigger picture of life, there is no evidence of a scientific nature to this and many might say my views are that of a crazy person, I am happy to be that crazy person with love.

Even though this was a dream Lord Melchior was giving me this for all humanity if they want to take it up. It was an active dream I was given this info that I wrote down before I fully woke up.

I saw three pyramids and these words that started at the top of the first one expanding out as it went down.


Taking on the light for the Thira trip

 Stand in the pyramid of Trinitized light with your Christo over body Trinitized light emanating out with love.  The base line is now wide open and holding the light in a way that is balanced and equal to all.

The Trinitized light beam has grounded at the base of these pyramids holding into place within the hierarchy of Gods creation plan for the ascension of Gaia and all humanity.


 We are all Galactic being assisting Gaia in her transition into the higher inter–galactic universal being from the higher frequency of the 3rd D earth of separation and polarity into her inter-Galactic self.

We stand tall and strong on earth in connection with our higher self attached to divine source with love.


We have been given the opportunity to be integrated into the golden light of which I took up I was aware of the fact that I was in a dream and consciously decided to go into the space where I took up my place in the golden pyramids, a pyramid shape focuses the energy within from the point at the top down expanding into a wide based that is anchored into Gaia.


The fields of this light places itself in the exact area in Gaia, solar systems, Galaxy’s and universe where it is required to be merged / melded for the re-unification of this fields back to its original alignment. Configuration.

This light field is for Thira and when I get back it will be released from your energy field.

 It’s Lord Melchior: Hello!

Personal: The integration of these latest energies are disruptive you have spiralled into the inter-galactic universal light for this last month now you are bringing it back to your own field, the pin point of this Melchior’s divine spark on earth through you.

You have created a solid structure within Gaia as she begins her new age of expansion.

In Thira; Gaia and your modified structural inter-galactic Trinitized light will become a tour de force attained and set in motion/mobilized, this one part of this sequence.

The conglomerate/amalgamation of light fields for the Thira trip

Ok what have we got here I/we are on our way to Santorini?

There’s no single guidance, it’s a conglomeration/amalgamation of different light fields coming together. This highly evolved amalgamation of souls are here to lead us into our re-search of the previous re-search in the way we want us to go back to our books and read them to gain the knowledge from the deeper under-lay these writings.


Its not to understand the physical science, its to gain the gist of these writers higher being that are coded in their work.

Not history although as you re-read the history you will ‘see’, recognised the light language that’s been super imposed onto the pages.

The little things, to understand toy will have to look up things to eliminate them and what you are left with is the deeper codes of light language that will stand out to you.

to progress into the next stage of recognition, remembering and understanding you all need to expand your telepathic recognition of this aspect of life what you will understand is going to be on a telepathic recognition, not brain, bio-suit way its your light fields that you are going to use.

 Recap: so all the info that’s been written to date has been synthesized into this data already. [Meaning of synthesized in this context is to form by combining parts or elements to combine into a single or united entity].

My understanding: the words have been synthesized into this data forming parts to combine into a single deep meaning, this is what we are looking for by eliminating all old science ideals.