Chapter 5 The Quest

3/2/17 I am Being Guided by the Brotherhood of Light, M/F God and the C.O. H.

I have been putting colour onto the symbols grid that I made last year. The 1st three rows are in a deep colour the rest are to be done lighter, getting even lighter as it comes to the end.

The top three rows are all the spiritual these are in bold colour the lower one are of the earth these are being transmuted into their 5th-7th D are in the lighter colours.


4/2/17  In My Dreams,

 I went into the D energy portal ship and worked on the symbols and pictures, they changed, they were established into the grid through the pictures I drew, and golden light symbols pictures and words. I was with Vernon awhile and others to do this. There was a lot more going on that I cant remember. I did see the symbols golden forming into flowers and hills, objects in golden light streams. They were in the shapes of the symbols in gold light pictures and lay and set out in patterns in the landscape of the golden globe of light, we were setting them alchemically into the new earth.  G B


Q.  Am I still on the Golden Globe grid, I keep seeing an image it’s golden and not flat and its big, the streams of light are crisscross they are gold cords of light they keep flashing in my vision when I turn or blink. I close my eyes they are right in front of me or in me and I see the edge.


What do I do!!

M/F God.  You hold this light grid; you ARE the ground crew that holds this.

BJ.  I keep seeing light bodies with no form and man flashed past me with an ancient face and long white wavy hair.

 I surrender to you. We cry from the depth of our soul I feel uncomfortable I stay in bed today!  This for blog Its ON




6/2/17   This Is a M/F God Message 

Every one is a powerful energetic projector; this power lies within the human body as a divine light frequency. This power is the ability to consciously focus. Everyone is a focuser of energy and are accessing vibrational frequency all the time:

 When you realise how powerful you all are and that it lies within in the present moment; this is the moment when you know that we can create your own reality; consciously.



Focusing on this moment consciously is the way to creation.

Focussing on the past or future will disempower you rather than create.

You all come here to this planet to create and experience, get information, make choices about what to create next.

Mostly people are unconscious of this aspect of their existence, so they create their life in a way that’s been given by beliefs of their upbringing, society and media.

This has led every soul to follow a path of separation; the power of the society and media has led them to believe that they have NO POWER unless they have fame or fortune.


This is not a truth, the truth lies within; focus within and feel your own true being; what is your truth?

Focus with unconditional love, harmony and feelings to find out your truth, each individual has this ability.


Always remember that man comes from stardust and has the spark of the divine within, that we are all this.

We are all divine light beings/ souls residing in a physical body and do have that ability to change the negatives of life by using conscious focused mindful thoughts with unconditional love and harmony.

Thank you, we are the divine M/F God working through the channels of the galactic family brotherhood of light we wrap a blanket of pure light and love around you as you read our words. Thanks.


The manifestation of a new way of life is not instant it takes time to consciously moving through and changing on the physical life.


New Project  

I have started on a new project to draw the different faces images of Vern over the time, we will do as many as needed to bring him into our life on the divine side so that he can and will manifest his guidance of the light thought this practice. Be love.


I have changed the pictures on the wall today. I put up a different set; this is the journey into the higher Ds of reality for humanity.


6/2/17 The Great Portal

We have all moved into the great portal of the 3rd wave, this energy boost will carry on for a few weeks, for the spiritual emotions and physical bodies.

The D N A is being awakened and brought into the 7th frequency within the physical with in the physical emotional and etheric bodies.


The 12 strands of D N A that are waking up is experiencing a higher amount of resilience and self repair in the cells of the body, this will go on for the next few weeks.

It’s the transmutation of energy that will dissolve the old beliefs that do not serve you anymore.

They will be replaced by upliftment, deep love, collaboration, appreciation that will work within to the highest good of ALL that is.

This will come through the emotional D N A.


When the etheric D N A is activated it gives a stronger connection and interaction with the higher Ds.

This includes all realties, past, present, future and parallel, the galactic family of light M/F god, the angels, ascended masters, the elementals, animal consciousness, the Agatha inner earth reality, the crystal consciousness, light consciousness on your higher self.

Trust these to assist you on the pathway, its time to take great steps into new earth. Namaste, the council of light. X


6/2/17   We Bring You Blessings.

At this time the up grades into the 7th D is demanding on the body, there is a need to rest and relax at the end of the days work.

These next few weeks,  [six weeks] is the time for the integration of the 7th dimension of the D N A in the cells of the physical body.



8/2/17   The Particle Convergence

Beginning on the 21st of Aug there is a three-day solar eclipse window, a sweet spot for this particle convergence activity and grand seeding of a new circuitry, it acts as a magnifier of both Gaia and us.

It’s to be a new energetic foundation and crystalline hubs coming on line, this wave of crystal energy goes on from Aug to Dec. It will anchor securely the new circuitry to support the higher dimensional existence.

The strongest places on earth where this can be experiences is main node points, these are where the magnetic energy flows.

The crystalline grid network areas that hold a higher level of crystal energy in the ground, keep grounded, meditate, sit in nature, and go deeper into spiritual work on yourself.


I read a channel from called Pleiades, Sirius, and Arthurian council of light.

 B.J. I asked to be connected to these souls.

P.S.A.  Hello dear soul, you need the M/F God, 3 Ms and P.I. for your council, on this project, you have transmuted into the 7th D level of light. We are ever supporting of you B.J. as our emissary of holding anchoring and balancing the light.

B.J. Can we connect to our 3 Ms and P.I. please?

3 Ms & P.I.  We are here to answer your Qs.

B.J. What am I doing now?

3 Ms P.I.  You and the images that have been created over the last 2 years, starting in Dec 2104 to now, are in the stage of activation by being in/on the 7th -12th multi D energy portal ships all the time, working and anchoring these images into the Golden Globe, this is in preparation for the particle convergence in Aug 2017.


You carry on as you are, draw the images of Vernon, this is helping you to focus on the inner Ds and its releasing any old frequencies. Its also bringing this energy to us for his contribution, capture his essence in these pictures and place them on the walls.


As you create these new pictures you are communicating your light language into the Golden Globe, these images are being transposed into the matrix of the G.G. as are the symbols, colour and golden crystal diamond light, these are anchoring in.

Anchor, connect, hold and balance Gaia to keep stable while their start of the convergence.


Be coherent with the writing and share it.

In Aug you do not need to go anywhere other than where you live. This IS a magnetic node of the creator of the G.G. the weather will be HOT, this is required to assist the particle convergence energetically, be in nature, on the beach, in the countryside and forests.


8/2/17  East Beach

On  the beach, I could see that the energy has changed I saw it and felt it.



M/F God Speaks To Us.

At the moment my guidance is M/F/ God and the C.O.H. In the setup of the spiritual pyramids all energy’s are one with the divine source.

From my perspective and the works I do with these souls; the ones who come through are relevant to what’s needed to be shared in the moment.


I am aware that the work is in multi Ds, there are 3 levels where I do the different things. I have the alchemist 3 Ms and P.I. to do the energy work that’s needed by the ground crew, to clear open portals and energy spots through these light beings during my trips across the planet.

There are the Galactic family and ascended masters, Ashtar, Sananda and Michael. I work with these when I have to use the creations of the symbols and pictures and bring them into the new earth.  These souls are directing me when I am holding and newly created energy forces, the G.G., the P/form, the Gamma wave.

While I am doing this, if I need any of the others I ask and they come.


Then there’s the M/F God and C.O.H., these divine light souls oversee the progress of each of our higher beings living on earth and working with the collective energy of the physical souls who are progressing towards their individual consciousness of love and harmony


All these are coming from the highest level of light in their own frequency and can resonate with all aspects of Gaia and All life she holds.

They all bring great love unconditionally and inspire many souls who can connect to them. The writings that are shared are all given from this perspective of the divine light/ central sun. At this time the messages are coming from the M/F god frequency of love and light. They are asking all progressing light workers, way shower and star seeds to up grade their chakras.






23/2/17    Re- The Golden Ones.

The golden ones are resonating on the edge of the 5th D threshold of the new earth.

New earth is the golden globe light that has evolved out of the Gamma light that came in on December 21st 2015-6, and the Platform in December 2016-7.

Thank you for your channelling, this has given the next step.

The idea that we balance the energy field’s of our incarnations makes more sense to me than letting them Go; this is play on words, but energy never goes away it transfers, so to be more aware of transformation than letting go is becoming actualised now.


It’s a step in the understanding of what’s happening.

The idea that we ‘over light’ our expression so that they are unified into an energy field’ is now very understandable.

We can now expand our consciousness and stand on the edge of the 5th D new earth. Golden light globe of Gaia and know that the golden ones are waiting for us to help us to transmute any ‘left over ‘ stuff and help us onto the new earth.


This is wonderful message for all humanity and us because I’we have not known how the outcome of our work would be.


The golden ones have also brought to our attention the idea of a sapling tree that has strong roots and will bend with the wind of change and not break like a brittle tree.

This was taught to me by my Tai Chi /chi Kung master when I was learning.

I have applied it to a personal situation this week and consciously thought ‘YES” that’s how to deal with these changes.


These are the next lessons of understanding and we need to keep expanding our consciousness so that we will be able to clearly perceive the light language and learn from it. Thanks Sue and the golden ones.



24/2/17    After Reading Inspiration From Metatron.

He talks in think words; we are to open up and share with as many peoples as possible for the progress of all souls who are beginning to become understanding of their first steps into the realities of the many Ds of light.

This is the basic process, for the full articles go to

Click on ‘channels’, Feb 2017.


The simple out line of this process is to first know that you are on the path, second is the initiation of the emotional body; first connect to your angelic presence’s called the 1st Mechatronic seal integration of initiation of the solar angel, understand the potential we hold as a soul within the physical body.

Many do not understand this and may get caught up in thinking they have all the answers because the window has opened.


When we realise and fully accept this potential we take on the responsibility of our physical self and other around us.

As we understand and leave the hall of ignorance’s, we can then walk into the perception of our etheric self, the souls of light.

Next we go into the hall of knowledge and get our lessons; then we go into the hall of wisdom; where we gain the golden nugget of learning each lesson.


The etheric body holds all our experiences and feelings that will bring forward memories of past times good and bad to help in the individual self to heal from the inside out.

This is a small part of the article and Metatron strongly advises anyone reading this to look at the full article to give the full information about this process for our personal progress, thank you.


 24/2/17   Looking at the pictures on the wall!

We are inspired to draw a picture of Leonard Cohen and use one of the pictures of David Bowie. And put them up on the wall, meditate on them they are light beings now,

The image of the math art is a new energy portal and will stay on the wall until 2018.

Hannah’s picture has unified with the math art circle and this is an important part of the opening of the portal.


Keep looking at them; they are the light language.  J Others will come and will take what they what from it; its dimension and will attune to whatever frequencies is focusing on it.


When you get all the images up it will be set.

Then the magic will start to work. Keep grounded.

Q. Are they my 3 Ms +P I?

A. Yes and you have named them.


There will be positions that you put them in that will tune into the portal circle to bring in the vibration you need to do whatever job is being done.

Its spiritual alchemy working and you will take it into this world in the now time, it means you will be able to melt the hearts of the most heavy energy.


When this starts, keep a clear diary of each position and how you change them and what it represents, it’s a picture equation

They will be tuned equations, for you now and others in the future so keep it clearly documented.


What’s being given will be the sacred codes of the divine light going into your D N A. this is going to put into place the selector matrix, a base, into your up graded frequency. As with you so it is with Gaia.


No one else’s will get this from the portal; all others will get their level of light.

Q. We can’t quite perceive it yet, but it will come in the right time.

A.  Only you will do this, every different way you place the pictures will give you an equation.

Each sequence will be another one and another.

And so on, because it’s infinite, this will be for later, but you will document it; and in the future someone will work it out.  J

 For instance, each letter is represented by a number counted from the alphabet.

 MFo + P.I.+ Mel + DB + VE + Met = 23 then x by 4 and + 1 = and then break the number down to its lowest denomination and transfer it to the symbols grid of symbols. The sign it represents is where to look.

If it air, take it to mean that air needs energy’s to heal itself. Tune into this frequency and open the energy portal circle for it to take what it needs. This goes across the board.



25/2/17  Woken Up

Feeling like we have just woken up to our truth within and have expanded the light body as we are all one. Its an elevation of perception, acceptance is the key.

The higher light is constantly merging with our physical and light body, lifting it out of the 3/4th and 5th D. we feel like we are a wavy energy waving.


25/2/17 Equations

Since I started to do ascension in1992 I have been given equations.

Now we start another sequence of light symbols and language through drawings that can e translated into the equations.

There are 5 of the pictures of faces and 1 of math art which is the multi D portal.

I hung them on the wall in two lines at random, one of them fell sideways, as I looked at them I got inspired to change them round to a certain pattern and I got the first equation. This is the first experience of the energy of the equation is the symbols of light, ascension, God and Spirit.

When the pictures are joined up in the sequence that is inspired they made a set of sacred geometry shapes.

These are two triangles at different angles; I wonder what they mean!


Focus onto the pictures with the symbols in mind, which are GOD and SPIRIT, then give in out to a situation.

We have done that and the reflection coming back 1,0000 fold and making an array of light that is fanned out round in a circle. See equation book.

Q is this sacred geometry?

A Yes.

 Q. I do not understand we need the book Keys Of Enoch.


6.00 pm 25/2/17

Our first experience of the energy of the equation is these symbols of ‘ light ascension light’.

Feeling the pull of these energy images, we were reminded that we could tune into the portal light; and we did, the ascension light of god was given out to the All in an instant.

The array is placed in a way that will transmit the maximum light to the maximum people it’s an array for sending out God ascension light! God, Spirit!

I am told that every time i/we do this for a purpose, it will amplify via the arrangement of the bladed of the structure energy frequency. You need to apply this to your within and be very open minded.


What we noticed is a quiet calm within the outcome of the God, light, spirit, love.

It’s tuned into a new perception of where we are; that our inside was outside everywhere in a wavy slightly wavering existence.

We feel like this equation is light language that’s capable of shifting us into this 7th D space where, any minuet now an Arcturian will appear in front of us!!!

The power of this shape/ equation picture and all is far greater that every before.


I/we have feel there is a definite aloofness towards people unless we are personally interacting with them, then they get our full attention. No wasting energy by focussing on the 3rd / 4th D twitter that goes on.

The guides answer, yes your upgrade has taken on a constant stream input, your connected to us, the Galactic council + all others, a channel has opened around your physical that’s stage 1 of full integration with our higher frequency of the 7 th – 12 th D.

Q. Is it part of the M cube upgraded?

A. It is if you care to look. Its more that that; this is a high frequency light language. It is not like a language, as you understand it. It’s not a speaking language.

As you look at it, its light over lays the human brain and is affection your perception.


The image in the 3rd eye is phasing in and out of focus, we cant quiet ‘see’ the change or know how, its trying to give us anything, we cant quite see it, we can feel it, it’s a structure of sorts.

We have to live with this to become adjusted to its light codes. It’s affecting the D N A, we have to realise it and hold it.

Make it a reflection, its very power full. It makes us feel like we are in the Ashtar energy ship. It looks like a kite and diamond?


Q. Is it the pattern of our star system?


A. Yes if you know about this side of the universe. IT’S MULTI DIMENSIONAL, so it’s all things.



28/2/17  The Way We Feel!

In the last few years we have experienced this light energetic waving of our vessel on and off; at times it’s been uncomfortable and we could only rest when it came in. Now its here in us all the time as an expanded feeling and a constant background noise in the head.

This was uncomfortable before last week.

The energy transmutation that has happened over the 22-25 Feb. has changed our D N A and we do not feel uncomfortable now, we feel open inside and the God light spirit love is flowing in, around and outside of the body, the chakras have upgraded into the 5-6-7th dimensional colour and has released the space within.

Now we are all light within, no tension, no blocks. We are still slightly spinney in the head but not affected by it.

It’s like an adjoining of frequency and we just go into it and allow it to be.

Then it settles, our physical eyes have not quite adjusted yet, they are till projecting 3rd/ 4th D beliefs. I’we have to close them at times to adjust to what’s really happening with this new belief. We close our eyes, take a deep in breath, and then on the out breath allow the eyes tensions to flow outwards then carry on, its quick.

Given with great love.x