JANUARY 2017 update


10/1/17.  Now the 11/1 portals are open. 

Each one of us is a beacon of light, positive light energy, giving us the capacity to emanate this out to all life on earth.

We also have the same power to give out fear and negative energy that is fear based, looking at the negative instead of seeing what we DO have, and giving thanks.

In other areas on earth these fears are real and being lived everyday, we are not in a position where we can change this for many.

As a conscious focused light worker, we can send our positive light, so that the balance can start to happen across earth, if we choose to.

We can choose to help ourselves to understand, how our personal negativity can be released and work on letting go of our fears and start to live in a positive frame, where we can give out the light that will eventually work through the whole system of earth /Gaia to bring about a more balanced way of life for everybody.

As more people consciously hold and give out light, it will reach a critical point, when this happens the balance will shift to a more positive than negative light, then everything will change. Change causes disruption, yes! Of course it will!

The power of the light will be strong while these re- adjustments occur.

The cycle of life goes on regardless, souls move back to their light others come to earth.

As light worker you have an understanding that this does happen.

When a soul leaves earth they have completed their job, a soul writes its own life path, that it can live as part of the whole learning experience that it has when it comes to earth to learn.

We send you great love and whenever you need help, ask and we will deliver, we are supporting you in your physical quest and giving out much healing and love al the time. Thank you x


10/1/17.    How Are You Now 

Dear souls of light, how are you now we swim in this divine light?

The time to ‘go’ into it has passed, earth and her peoples are just in it now.                                                                         It is much easier to ‘be’-come focused in this vibration, instead of actively finding the quiet space, it can be done instantly, while going about the days life, with just a focused thought, then a conscious breath in, the connections to this love light is a thought away.

Gaia/earth and humanity is one with the ALL, the power of earth is the same in humanity.

Knowing about this connection and thinking about it, strengthens the power within all peoples. When you ‘are’ in a place of great beauty and wonderment on earth, you feel the power of love well up in your hearts. This feeling is you, consciously connecting to the higher being of your self and earth as your supporter, treat earth as you would yourself with love and respect.

As a single person you will not be able to clear all rubbish from the earth surface or re-grow a whole forest, but in your own way, give out unconditional love and help in any way to support her.

She is a conscious light being that give us life we cannot survive and thrive without her, give her the credit for this with the love you feel when you connect to her beauty.

We absolutely love you and Gaia with unconditional love and harmony, please give the same love out to earths soul.


6/1/17. Personal Progress

The natural high we feel when we connect to the divine part of our lives, nature and soul self has affected us, it’s grounded us deep into the true being of Gaia, and we feel different.

Do not consider other peoples evolution. Now is the time to focus on yourself, let go of the notion that you help anyone else.

Michael calls it ‘being human in focus’ our true self.

The reason life moves faster is because we have the divine self /soul self within us that’s vibrating faster than ever before; it’s making everything seem to be going faster.

By going through our own shifts and changes in consciousness we are raising the frequency and we are evolving our self and also expanding the oneness of humanity.

As we think and act differently we are altering our D N A, our stream of soul conscious is being mixed with all the frequency’s we need for our expansion.

The universe is assisting us in the discovery of who we are and to help bring in co-creation within us that is expanding our new and unique way.

Michael calls it, ‘being human in focus’, and our true self.

There is more awareness now than ever before collectively. This is freeing us from old ideas of how we feel about love, hope and truth. Then learn how to create new ideas.

Accept and know that nothing is wrong with the way we are progressing that would need our attention, we are all in the correct place to evolve naturally with conscious thought, there is nothing wrong. Everything is correct and is set to bring forward the new era. In the ALL, everything is embraced, known, loved and treasured.

In knowing this concept, how will it change our view of live?Within our self’s we have a soul, a true being, that’s aligned and emanates ‘knowing’, we know this by our feelings of what’s right for us, this comes from within.

The world is awakening to a radical shift of humanity towards the truth of the ALL/ source.

 A powerful transformation is taking place, the higher beings are calling it a synergy, this means that there is an interaction of elements that are combining to produce a total effect that is greater than the individual elements being mixed.

This is happening within the body; both physical and spiritually, all the different aspects of the self on all levels are merging to create a beacon of the creator within. The cells of the physical body are accepting a new consciousness and beginning to transform.  Thank you x



4/1/17 About the galactic flares,

that are coming from the core of the Milky Way we are in direct line with the black hole, core of the Milky Way and receiving the energy that’s being transmitted from it. This is coming from the black hole to bring in the new light frequency of from other universes in the different dimensions, streams of consciousness that will influence the physical body to be able to transmute into the new earth energy of the future.


 2/1/17  A Message given with love

Dear souls of light, last time we talked, it was about riding the wave into January.

We see that many of you did and now this wave has become a sea of photon light energy, this beautiful pulse has permeated all life and ALL peoples.

It is being anchored and set into place within the ALL of life through the hearts of people.

This is the way it is anchored, through the hearts of the human body.

All People can feel this energy as a feeling of power within, that can be accessed every time you stand still for a minuet and ‘be’ in the moment, with one breath, drink in this light within your physical body and hold it for as long as you can focus for, do this often in all situations in life.

When you feel your energy being pulled by a negative action that’s around you, stand still for ONE MOMENT, just one small moment of stillness and breath into your hearts and remember who you are and why you are here, change your thoughts and whatever it is that’s causing you to be Negative, Just stop it in mid flow, Stop, stand still, breath, then solve the problem.

The light that’s being anchored will bring out your truths and the truth of society’s action.

It will light up the miss-conceptions about everything.

It will give you, the people the energy power from within to stand and say, NO, I am not doing this, I will become a discerning about everything I sees and feel about the media, I will only pick what resonates with me.

Our channel is holding this pulse of energy as a very big platform across the Atlantic Ocean and anchoring it into the cosmic circle of connectedness across the seable universe.

 She is holding with divine light of the C. O. H. And mother /father God and the Yahweh light of source that runs through her while she holds.


Everyone can jump onto the platform; it is instilled within the hearts of all life as a multi D energy. Feel it as an inner power, dive into it as much as possible, it will grow until you feel it all the time, not just when you stand still and breath and stretch.

Its energy is very light and it makes you feel like you need to be polite to it, thank it for what is gives you, be humble with this pure light wave. Then you can use it to change / create what you want in life.

As have been already stated, this holding is going on for the January sequence. The job of our channel will be done on the 21/1.

The new earth light platform will be set in place by then and then it can work its magic across Gaia and her life.

Our dear light souls who are on a path way of self development into the new earth energy, we are here all the time, as you ‘be’-come more enlighten you will be directly in touch with us, the C.O.H, Mother/father god and galactic council.

We will guide you in ways to enhance your personal pathway. Every singele soul is as important as another every heart will have this light pulse flowing through. Whatever your job in life, ‘be’ it, with the love you and it deserves. Until the next time we hold you high and support you as you move into this new era of light. Thanks x SmileHeart


The first day of January 2017


To day was written off as a day of energetic upgrades, it sent me into a very big sea of fluctuations of emotions. Enough said!