Earth Dragon Glastonbury:

Dealing with old beliefs and perceptions:

This new turn of events and next phrase has thrown Rae a bit. After the experiences with the Trinitized spiral waves of light and the most uncomfortable feeling on Thira she is glad its over.

Having shared the information about the multi Ds in the chakras she knows she can move on.

Having acquired the beautiful blue carpet with the dragon in the centre she knew she had been give a gift that was special.

And now the significance of this has become clear; Glastonbury, Wells, Shepton Mallet and Merlin.


Getting up from her relaxed place sitting in the sun of a glorious Indian summer she decided to go to the café to speak with Jack the alchemist he will be able to straighten things out a bit.

Walking across the fields Rae feels the lightness of the atmosphere and how content she is with it now, its become ‘normal’ and Gaia’s environment is at it’s most beautiful at this time of year she is in her last trimester of 2018 after which she will start her journey back towards the sun in December.


She reaches the café and walked to the back where she new Jack would be and there he was almost waiting for her he had ordered two drinks so he did know she was on her way he picked up on her intentions.

He tells her to sit down and he starts to talk; she listens.

       “I am glad you chose to come and see me at this time

because there are things that need explaining.

The sequence you have just finished, emerging and incorporating the last three years works into one completely unified field and creating the filigree plexus round Gaia has released you for this new venture.

Holding it is your job and will carry on to bring the thread across to the next experience, it has to be linked”.


“There are a few things we need to get straightened out about the perception of the Earth Dragon energy fields, the concept of the Dragon on 3D earth is NOT correct, far from it, this light field comes from a much higher dimensional field than the 3rd D.

It comes from the Metatron, Melchior and Michael level of divine light as the light shiny flow of translucent crystal clear tendrils spiralling and flowing on and in Gaia’s entity embedded in Gaia’s inner earth crystals, Agatha.”



Rae said,

         “I always thought dragons, serpents, and snakes come from the under world along with fairies elf’s and the little people, being from Celtic roots Rae had always known about the little people and had played with them as a child, knowing that if she was bad she would bump into the ones who lived in the under world.”

Jack listened to her story and laughed out loud.

        “You consciously played out the old belief system of the 3rd D earth didn’t you Rae.”

Rae looked at Jack and felt a little bit silly and said,  

     “What else could I do”?


Jack answered,

        “As a child! Nothing; but now you can remember to use your understanding knowledge of you’re higher being and know that everything is as one. Change your belief by changing your hard wiring, shut off your 3D brains hard wiring and focus on your higher brain”.

Again Rae looked at Jack not sure what he meant.

Sensing her confusion, he said,

        “Think about it! You are sitting here talking to me about alchemy; you are in touch through non-local awareness and have already seen these souls in your physical vision as you did the little people so why! Do you have a problem accepting that they are the same as the giants of the inter-galactic souls! Why! All is one macro and micro! And all exists in the field’s to potential via non-local awareness”.

 Listening intently, Rae instantly new he was right and she felt even more foolish. Jack pick up on her thoughts,

        “Don’t be feeling that way”, he said “its quite normal for a soul to completely forget things when they take on their bio-suit for the earth experiences it has to be that way or it will not work as a3D experience will it”!

A big smile spread across his face and he took her hand passing a great security of comfort to her by this action and Rae became at one with this knowledge.

Taking a bit of time and drinking tea they sit quietly for a while enjoying the ambiances of the sunny day.

      “Yes”    Said Rae,    “You are right, I do know and I am aware of these tall souls and the little people and all in between.  I don’t know why I was being so resentful about it”.

 Jack replied,

        “That’s because you are still living on earth as a human, still learning how to change your thoughts, still living in your set body with all its belief systems in place, your are like a baby just beginning to recognise these other aspects that are hidden from you on this planet. All you have is small glimpses of the cosmic inter-galactic worlds, a very small glimpse”!


      “When you get one of these and you know it’s the truth it confounds your physical beliefs and your brain cannot make head or tail of it.”

So you write it, share it, try to follow it and come to a hard wall of dis-beliefs for all other people until you feel like giving it up! But that is not an option is it”?


Rae says

      “I can’t stop it or shut it off”.

Jack looks at her knowingly,

     “Remember Rae your soul and group agreed to come here and expand your life as a human being at this time in Gaia’s evolution to help her through your own experiences of changing your physical beliefs, understanding and bringing back the ancient knowledge so that others can follow on in the fullness of time. This is just the beginning the earth time period is 25.000 and 250.000 years onwards the bigger picture”.


“That’s enough now Rae lets go down to the estuary and find a couple of sunbeds to relax on and we can bring this information into your real imagination where you can really experience these beings in the wholeness of the higher realms”.


As they wandered across the field there were people and children playing chatting and Rae new she was part of this as well as the higher being.

She could feel the lightness of her feet treading on Gaia’s surface and feel how tall and how small she is all at the same time. Looking across at Jack he was gliding as one with nature he was so integrated, we found a good spot, the scenery was not all beautiful, the tide was out and the bed of this estuary is mud, dark sticky mud strewn with black rocks and old bricks from the old sea walls.

Then as we look across the silvery ribbon of the river channel and beyond to the beautiful green hilly landscape of Kent topped with a beautiful azure sky all the elements in one big view. Rae loved this aspect of where she lived the beauty and the beast of the 3D life.


Finding a small sandy beach in all the mud they set up the chairs and relaxed into them.

Jack told her to breath into her heart, immediately Rae was transported to the sanctuary of her true soul self.

She felt the unconditional love focus of the unity of the one through her hearts felt love.

Looking around the galactic souls were asking her to open up and expand her inner self then she was in the airy, fairy space with the T light anchored to inner earth.

All round her were light beings the giants, little people, dragons, angels, serpents and snakes Adam kadman Melchior Michael and Metatron all of these fields of light patterns recognised through the feelings and impressed thoughts through her energy fields.

The light in this place is iridescent, gold and silver all soft hews of the rainbow colours shining with crystals that flickers and reflected all the fields of light energy.


A big dragon came close to her and imprinted in her field that how he was her new partner for the next journey into 2019 and he/she was going to guide her new foundation to bring her to the correct frequency to be able to accomplish the alchemy at Glastonbury unity white and red springs into one male/female unity.

As the dragon came up to her field there was no physical form it was as if he merged with her field and she felt a slight blip in her solar plexus as this happened and then he was near side by side.


Suddenly Rae could hear the Brent Geese flying low in perfect harmony they fly in the shape of an arrow and calling to each other this penetrated her inner vision and Jack said

     “Yes they are sacred and we are blessed to have them living near by. They are keeping the balance on this island for all souls, its perfect for the geese and they in turn protect this sacred space from very dark negative influences”.

Rea said,

      ‘Thank you”, to her Dragon and he impressed her with, I am not leaving you now, as you walk on earth as human I will walk with you as an element for the higher field of light from the Melchior field we are all one.

Turning to Jack she said,

      “Thank you for this teaching for my understanding and the way of the dragon alchemy and I will meet up with you again”.

Jack smiled and did not answer instead he got up and walked home to the café. Rae turned and went home thanking the higher beings with great love.


When she got home and looked at the dragon set in the carpet she new this was the lovely new earth of light, as she read through her diaries she could see how it all linked up.

Participating, universe conscious fields of radiance and inner iridescent colourers of light, what we think is what we are, participating in a universal conscious field of radiance inner iridesant light to resonance within our human bio-suit that is housing us to help bring Gaia’s evolution forwards.

Rae is at one with the idea of the truly light beings of the serpents, dragons, fairies, little people and snakes.

She understands that this is the creator’s plan.

Thank you x