14. Feb, 2017


This blog is about the higher beings impressing us and giving information so the we can proceed with this work that I/we do, holding, balancing and anchoring these new pulses and codes that are being given at this time.2017


The story carries on the quest: 2016

This time, last year, a new sequence in the light work started, it was to do with alchemy that involved our light body core.

I/we was asked to hold a flat circle of light at the North Pole in our multi D state to balance and hold the gamma wave as it came into the earth’s atmosphere.

This year I/we are holding this even bigger platform in the same place.


The Platform

We stand on the edge of a vast platform of space above earth at the North Pole, its muted white/ yellow/ cream, and clear space.

It goes far beyond our sight.

As we look it; it reduces and we see a big platform; we go into the middle with the auric fields and masters all around.

We are holding this while it connects into Gaia and the higher beings with the golden dragon energy.

It formed a channel down into Gaia and beyond; it makes a continuous light that spirals though the universe and back to earth, to this platform.

Then it expands into golden streams that forms over our head and connects. This energy is a stream from the Yahweh, coming from the great YAHWEH.

We have to hold this and feel the power of light flow through, there are tiny star-Letts that are flowing down onto earth thousands of them, and they are for everyone


 “You are holding, feeling and bringing the vibration of the divine light into the platform, you, Gaia, galixy and centre sun. It can transmute all life on earth through this process, we are channels from source, alchemy.”                                                                                          Adama connected us to the central suns of earth, galixy and universe. We are deeply embedded within this connection, and hold the embodiment of the divine source Yahweh.  Now hold it.


30/12/16 Holding the Yahweh light

Hello dear soul we come to help you in your holding of the central sun, Yahweh light, we are ascending into your matrix now; feel us.

We can feel it in a spiral of light entwining through us, me/we/ Yahweh/ Gaia/ universe.

Day 2 of the holding; the new D N A spirals are here, we are able to bring and mix the very star dust that your vessel is made of, this has to come into your D N A to change the structure of the body into crystalline energy. Remember all is connected; what is you, is earth, is universe and all life.

As you anchor, balance and hold this vast platform of divine Yahweh light, you are energetically attached to this infinite light the Yahweh that you hold, it is but a reflection of the infinite YAHWEH!                                                                                                                             The reflection holds its own power it’s as strong as the real thing.                                           When you see yourself in reflection, it has an energetic action directly on you. The Yahweh is doing the same its having an energetic reaction on you.

Remember it’s on all levels of light.


You are permitted to hold this as your beacon, you are going down into the inner space of Gaia and spreading out into a natural element of the divine love that you hold as a layer in your own right, where it will become accessible to all other who come to this golden platform. Feel this, create this.

The central oval shape in the centre of the platform has opened out and is flowing this Yahweh love over the golden platform, already giving form to the creation, I am being reminded to tune into Gaia all the time.

Due to the upgrading I/ we are holding this platform from within as a fully integrated human into the multi D s.  



The Pleiades elder called P.I.

Because I/we were feeling a bit uncomfortable energetically, we asked for a direct line to the Pleiades of light and got a Pleiades elder called P.I. a tall thin man in a monk’s habit.


He reminded us that the plat/form is a circle across part of Gaia and within everything, surrender to it, be it, and hold it.

Its well held and anchored into the universal central sun of the ALL and locally into the black hole of the Milky Way.                                                                                                       Focus on the imaged on the p/form, ‘be’ there, breath, anchor and expand, do it NOW.

I/we are feeling deep emotion from Gaia.

P.I. says ‘this is good; allow the emotion to expand to balance it.   Working in the multi Ds is different!’

The p/form is to be the new earth it has been created so that everybody can ‘be’ on/in it.

On this p/form you can drop the physical barrier and just be your light emanations flowing onto /into the ALL through Gaia and the universe.

When David Bowie left Gaia the energy released took everyone into a space of light.

P.I. says, yes, you anchor these streams, expand them through the p/form into the earth, solar system galixy and universe and the circle of life that is connected to all central suns and b/holes, you consciously do this. When you anchor, you are doing it on the whole of the circle of the life’s central suns in the multi Ds.

Take your place; stand straight with the knowledge that your holding the Yahweh light emanating it to the all with love. X


The 2016 Calendar

The reason we are doing the 2016 calendar is because when we work now, we go into the higher Ds, then come out of it and cannot remember clearly what we did.

Writing this calendar is not only revision, it’s part of creation we did last yea and we are reflecting on how its being adjusted this year.


Scribe this journal by hand; it is to be read by the next generations of light worker’s.

In this calendar 2016 we are reliving what we did last year in Jan, and experiencing what’s happening this year 2017.

P.I.  Yes, it is and what’s happening is, you are working on the multi Ds at the same time, and you can feel the different streams.

The streams of energy are parallel and merging into each other creating spiritual alchemy, synergy, transmutation, this connection is to bring the Ds from last year directly into the multi Ds of this year and its this merging, that’s creating the magic, spiritual alchemy of the new element that will be created.

This sequence of adjustments will fulfil by the year 2018 then you will go to the next phrase of the healing.

We are now in the 2017 and still holding

 I/we have a question.

Is the p/form going to evolve into the new world, it feels like it is; its becoming a circular shape, it’s making a baby earth.

We do feel apprehensive about what we are doing and it seems very heavy although not in a physical way, more in an energetic way, that could engulf us, or is it engulfing us and that’s what’s meant to happen; it engulfs us and we become as one?


The divine souls come in straight away.

Yes-dear soul, we bring blessings to you, 1st let your apprehension flow through you and out, do not hold it, that’s better, this makes your energy lighter and more compatible for the job.

Remember you are multi D and this p/form is the lighter frequency’s, you still hold yourself on earth as B J.

The p/form is evolving into the new earth/ Gaia; from the work done last year 2016 to this year and what will be done for the next year 2018.


We are all involved with this project with you; you are our ground crew, [as we have said before] we cannot do this without your earthly physical self standing on Gaia and creating it with you focus conscious attention and your power to imagine and fulfil this.

The Atlantic drift is an access point to inner earth Agatha, the area of the new grid, starting with the build up of it from the North Pole it goes to Findhorn, to St Matt’s church in Southend on Sea, to Ibiza, to Bermuda, to Quebec and back to the North Pole.

Last year you/we created this grid, its going to become the new earth.


Understand that all the pictures of the cube, flower of life, math art, then the symbols and the picture’s you created plus the corn circles have been the ingredients for the new earth.

You place the symbol of life in the sacred symbol of the grid, this has led them to form and cover all aspects of life.

 The symbols are the sacred shapes of the basic life patterns, now it’s the p/form for the new earth that’s been created through these and electro magnetic fields of this area.

The update for us is that we are in the centre of our new earth that is the higher D of Agatha, holding it in the centre while the greater sacred central sun starts to expand outwards round you. You hold this.

The feeling that you were holding something big up with your arms stretch outward to hold it is just that!

You have been doing this; now that it has become to big you have transmuted it into the true light being that can go inside the p/form and ‘be’ in the centre nucleus of this baby new earth.

There is no more strength needed just sit and ‘be’ where your energy is needed for this next 7 days, by then it will be set and you can move off and ‘be’ everywhere.


The Central Sun glows with divine light, its not in one place, the concept of a sun is an energetic light in the shape of a ball, and this is a physical sun.

This is not so with the central sun, its make up is completely different to the physical sun, its waves of living mutable energy of sacred divine source, the YAHWEH.

Its everywhere at all times you are in an energy pool of this light swimming about, its penetrating it, you are in a synergic situation with this.

There are the same levels of light in this energy as in everything so it’s the degree of light that you hold that gives you the Central Sunlight that you can be in. There are degrees of light, the scale is enormous, the consciousness is the central sun, the field the source, the Yahweh and the ALL.


Message from C.O.H and Mother /Father god.

They are saying to me you are holding the platform of the 7th D light shield, Underneath is the lower 3rd D Gaia.

They are interconnected and both functioning together in different Ds, you are holding this on the lower level while the light beings are transmuting the negative energy within. Just hold and be consciously aware of what you are holding, ready for the others to come.

Keep hold the 1st wave is about to come in. is already trickling.


You have remembered and understand that your physical body is a very small part of your existence and you are aware of true nature of life with the connection of love and light.

It’s opened up a great big light portal to work with through you into the next phrase of guidance for the planet earth. We thank you. x


We have remembered how we are in our true self.

We love the idea that we are running our body as one with our soul self.

The general feeling of this connection is it goes slow or it SEEMS to, we had to slow our self down to this level to be able to get that connection.


As time went on they showed us how three pictures that have been on the wall since last year are resetting, the top one screwing down into the lower ones turning clockwise until they fixed.

At this point there was a really big surge of light that came through the centre of them. They were all part of the p/form as it expanded into the golden globe of light energy.


The Platform ‘Becomes’ a Golden Light Globe  17/1/17

The P/form has ‘be’-come a Golden Light Globe now, with us in the middle its pale golden.

 I/we really do not understand this process!!


P.I. answered us; Its OK B.J. you will not be able to while you are on the earth plane, be rest assured that your key work is crucial for us to work with and the progress of ascension.

Its outside of your perspective, trust is necessary; we can tell you that the new globe is the beginning of the new earth. It has gone into Agartha now, with you in it.


The coming together of Verna’s pyramid, the globe, the energy ship portal, has become the D space energy ship in Agatha. As they come together a sacred diamond star is formed within the D space of Agatha with you inside of it.

It’s connected to the central sun in Agatha that’s in line with the galaxy’s central suns of the Milky Way and Andromeda.


This work is spiritual alchemy, transmuting into what’s needed to fulfil the new earth in all its perfection, it’s outside of your understanding.

It’s enough that you are connected on earth in way, this work is happening mechanically in the multi D of this stream.


In the evening we were reading Jan –Feb 2016, when we are holding the gamma light at the Pole.

This year we are holding the p/form that has transmuted into a globe, its still golden.


 On the 18/1/18   We were given this information;

Gaia is aligning with the Vega star system and it’s to do with Gaia’s chakras, opening and aligning to take on the higher Ds.

Our question is: Are the energies we have been holding last year and this year to do with this alignment?

P.I. answers. It’s a resounding yes; to create anything there has to be a space for it. You/we have created this with the Gamma light and the p/form /globe.

Remember this is happening in the Ds outside of the earths 3rd/4th D world, remember, you are outside in the same way when ‘be’-ing in the silence of love.

It’s the Atlantic grid and the Gamma light wave from last year   December 2015 to February 2016 and now, it’s the p/form leading to the golden light globe with the diamond crystal light inside with you anchored into Agatha.

This is the space, because of the restriction of the human brain you will not be able to fully understand what’s happening.


Take heed of the information from the other articles info for your understanding.

We are all working together on this and the information from all sources is relevant.

This is a giant re-positioning of Gaia in the universe to become aligned to Vega’s central sun so that her chakras are open and lined up ready for the change over during this year.


Do not think too deeply about this, just know that you carry on holding the globe at inner Earth/ Agartha.

The important thing is that you make yourself feel happy, comfy and in harmony with this light energy while you are holding.

This IS transmuting the globe into the correct frequency for the big change over in March.

By 21st of Jan your position will change and we can give you more details.

Some of the disruption you are experiencing on the 3rd /4th earth is because you are so deep in the multi Ds. Be careful, slow and deliberate in what and how you live.

Keep vigilant with holding the compassion, love, balance, harmony, consciousness, focus and creation. Thanks



Well! We have not come off the p/form yet, although we are not holding it any more.

On the eve of the 21st the energy within became very expanded, I/we felt very open and wavy. The body feels heavy our energy has changed left me expanded, wavy and very heady. 

There’s a surge of power in the sacral chakra, this is where this has centred and is being emitted out to the base and the solar plexus.

EVE 22/1/17 

The end game on the holding!

The week before the 21s Jan, the energy coming in were big pulses and strong, we had to give it time and focus, anchor and balance consciously.

These pulses were too big to do alone we were supported by many when the need came.


We were not released until midnight on the date.

We are still within the globe light floating about, feeling, seeing and experiencing all the different levels of light very relaxed until a new wave brings in an old memory that has to be released, to release these now is very quick. 


This is the hub of the wheel that’s sparking out light waves, I/we have opened up our clay body; its all little wavelets as an outer skin and auric field, we are the unity of light that is the globe; as it is with us, so it is with Gaia

STRANGE! When we try to come off, in the same way as last year, by just moving our perspective to come back to the 3rd/4th Ds on earth, we can’t do it, it won’t happen.

This is not an option any more, its like we have left the old world behind and do not want to go back there, our conclusion on this is;

I am trying to come out and back to the earth but when I look for it; it is not there; there’s only the Golden Globe.

The 3rd/4th D earth is not there. ITS NOT THERE!!


We have to stay now it’s our new earth, how understand it.

We are the first one to come on/in it.

There are no edges to the G. G. its like a cloud of energy that’s moving as one. At the edges the energy is merging and flowing with the waves of the All. Remember the scale is macro, on the edges of the G.G. is where the old world mixes and that’s where the back of the theatre would be in the butterfly book.


Remember the scale this area is Hugh and the G.G. is even bigger.

As the waves and pulses come this year you are bringing them into the G.G. that’s attached to Agartha’s CENTRAL SUN.


The symbols and the template

Remember, you put all of the symbols of life in the template when you were making the pictures these represent every aspect to create life. Plus all the other sacred light codes that you drew.


Remember, while you were creating the pictures you are doing spiritual alchemy of change, setting out the blue print for the G. G. and the template was created over this 6 weeks of December solstice.


1st you set the blue print, then the template, all the correct weights and measurements are the ingredients for the mix inside the G. G. with you floating about in it, its gold.

Next stage    22/1/17  

Well! We have not come off the p/form yet, although I am not holding it any more.

On the eve of the 21st the energy within became very expanded, I/we felt very open and wavy. The body feels heavy our energy has changed left me expanded, wavy and very heady. 

There’s a surge of power in the sacral chakra, this is where this has centred and is being emitted out to the base and the solar plexus.


The Golden light globe of new earth   17/1/17

A golden light globe has been created through the sacred light grids across Gaia; it is merging in and out with the blue planet; on the physical earth in areas with streams of light.

The light workers and star seeds are being rooted into the golden globe as and when their tuning is compatible. They are being attracted and attached to the G.G. from the blue planet


20/1/17  5 Pictures

We had set up 5 pictures and had them on the wall since Dec12th 2016,

At the top is the EH circle, below that is the pyramid and the math art was at the bottom, each side of the math art picture there is the rays and the people pictures.

E H is at the top, the math art is in the middle, and the pyramid picture is at the bottom, with the light ray bodies on the right of the math art and the people picture is on the left.

They are moving and melding into each other, the power has shifted


21/1/17 The E H corn circle picture

The 1st thing I saw was the E H circle turning clockwise until it screwed down into the other two at a distance, this opened the portal of light coming from the pyramid through the math art circle into the centre of the E H circle gushing.

The E H circle gradually turned to face the other two and slowly, they were being attracted together with the pyramid and math art pictures, getting closer merging rather than one going up and the other coming down.

They merged at an equal rate until the become 3 together in the centre of a globe, the inner circle of the E H became the 3rd flattened circle with the other two creating the new sacred symbol of infinity, it also became the outer circle round the symbol.


We are being compelled to focus 3 discs, the top one was turning clockwise winding downwards until it locked, at this moment the two lower discs came together as one

The next image is two discs together as one on the left hand side the other one is on the right.  As we watched a great big whoosh of light from the left one flowing into the right connecting them.

We are holding these as they merged into one they are being magnetically attracted to each other.

It has created the correct formation for the portal to open from the central sun. This settled over the P/form; we were told to lay it across the Atlantic grid, where it will merge with Agartha at the Atlantic rift.


The Sacred Symbol pictures    22/1/17

I have got last years sacred symbol pictures and hung them up.

The first thing to do is to redraw over the symbols in the grids, adding colour and making clear boxes and edges.

We started this and they were on the wall as we looked at them they were streaming information to us and connecting us to the sacred light symbols/codes.

As we took a breath we can feel the stream in our torso.


Now we are surrounded by these light pictures we are feeling the stream of this up dated ascension energy and there are many, each time we do something we catch the stream of its energy and let it flow.


Seeing the light pictures in dream state   29/1/17

Over the last 4 days we have felt very unwell, last night we went to sleep with the binary frequency music.

Because we were so uncomfortable we kept waking. As we became aware of being awake we were getting pictures in our head, we were being shown strips of films. They were all different in what they were showing.

The theme was they were creating pictures of life images of flowers that were in light; this went on with light shapes that become some kind of landscapes that with all the elements in light pictures.

The last one was graded hills that started small then became mountains all in orange light in all-different sizes. It was like they were terra forming a landscape of everything we have on Gaia in coloured light energy light pictures.


29th eve. The Wave

The wave that is due any time now is the wave that’s going to take people into their past, its an opportunity to clear out old deep emotions that are no longer needed they have to be released.

For those who are awake and aware the prelude to this wave is the way the stars and planets line up to create mixed emissions that come into Gaia and people.

The tension it creates will take its own form for each individual.

Each person will experience this tension in different ways.


31/1/17 A massive down load

On the 26th Jan. started within our physical body, it was very strong energy and it tilted us into old past negative things that happened to be released. This process carried on for 3 days, they it lifted now we feel the opened heart consciousness of the love of the ALL and the steams of teaching have restarted.


28/1/17   Under sacred light symbols

We are resetting the sacred light symbols grid that we set out last year in colour. We drew a math art picture with a gap at the southe east part of the circle.

The symbols will be set into the new math art circle with plenty of space.


A Message from the 3 Ms and P.I.

A big wave pulse of light has washed over Gaia and caused internal disruptions.

How to deal with this is to stay conscious of the higher existence within, surrender to it, let it stream through you, take quiet deep breaths, tune into your inner as much as possible while going about your day.

Take time to appreciate to wonder of nature as you move through your day, whenever you get the time sit quiet and anchor into earth. Take your energy down into the central sun in Gaia, do any thing that has an expression in the arts this will connect you to love.


At this time of year on the planet earth, the energy pulses connecting to earth’s atmosphere is a normal process for upgrading all frequencies of light.


It’s the changing of the seasons that trigger this.

Gaia is a seasonal planet that is driven by the changing seasons.

This does affect everything. At the moment the effects are greatly enhances by the emissions that are being pulsed across the universe and the positioning of the planets and star systems.

They are aligning in ways that has not happened in the history of man, it’s a time for humanity to release as much negativity as possible.


The effect that this pulse has on the physical body is breaking down its old clay vessel, 3rd/4th D body.

The brain is opening up the D N A so that you will be able to ‘see’ us in the haze of the physical sight/eyes.


Everyone is coming to these changes at different times remember our time is not linier. In the higher realms we do have time it’s to do with the cycles of the cosmic energy that effects Gaia solar systems.


This last time period, the last week, the planets have aligned in such a way as to created waves of energy that have triggered this uncomfortable effect.


It is designed to crated tension to allow any one on earth who is ready, to release some very old negativities, this works in conjunction with the in-coming pulses from the known universe.


The object of this exercise has been to help humanity to clear a space within, so that when the next cosmic waves arrives, it can find a place within the body to allow the re-programming of the D N A to help this process balance and upgrade the chakras.


At the beginning of February there will be in-coming cosmic pulses, all you need to do once you have cleared the negative energy is to sit tight, hold and anchor into earth, relax and be happy. The energy coming in will be the crystal diamond light that is what the new skeleton will be made of eventually. This is long term plan.


3/2/17 I am being guided by the brotherhood of light, M/F God and the C.O. H.

I have been putting colour onto the symbols grid that I made last year. The 1st three rows are in a deep colour the rest are to be done lighter, getting even lighter as it comes to the end.

The top three rows are all the spiritual these are in bold colour the lower one are of the earth these are being transmuted into their 5th-7th D are in the lighter colours.



 The D energy portal

In my dreams I went into the D energy portal ship and worked on the symbols and pictures, they changed, they were established into the grid through the pictures I drew, golden light symbols pictures and words. I was with Vernon awhile and others to do this. There was a lot more going on that I cant remember. I did see the symbols golden forming into flowers and hills, objects in golden light streams. They were in the shapes of the symbols in gold light pictures and lay and set out in patterns in the landscape of the golden globe of light, we were setting them alchemically into the new earth.  G B


Q.  Am I still on the Golden Globe grid, I keep seeing an image it’s golden and not flat and its big, the streams of light are crisscross they are gold cords of light they keep flashing in my vision when I turn or blink. I close my eyes they are right in front of me or in me and I see the edge.


What do I do!!

M/F God.  Relax let us finish the then we will move away from you a bit so that you cane then ‘be’ in the 7th-12th D.

You hold this light grid; you ARE the ground crew that holds this.

BJ.  I keep seeing light bodies with no form and man flashed past me with an ancient face and long white wavy hair.

 I surrender to you. We cry from the depth of our soul I feel uncomfortable I stay in bed today!  This for blog


6/2/17   A new project

We have started on a new project to draw the different faces images of Vern over the time, we will do as many as needed to bring him into our life on the divine side so that he can and will manifest his guidance of the light thought this practice. Be love.

I have changed the pictures on the wall today. I put up a different set; this is the journey into the higher Ds of reality for humanity. Cool