CoolDear souls, for long time humanity has been living in a world of separation and dis- connection, a world of polarity.

It has caused everyone to not take responsibility for their self’s, putting the blame for all things on someone else other than themselves.

“If I had that I would be happy’ or ‘my friend has left me and made me unhappy’.

Do not blame anything or anyone for your unhappiness or happiness, it’s not other people making you happy or unhappy its your belief about the situation.


Find your happiness within your self, love your self first, then you love others.

Open up your vision to the fact that you do not live in a separated world of dis-connection, there is no separation. Everything is connected within.

It’s your experiences and beliefs that give you the idea that you stand alone and separate.

This viewpoint has been in place for ages on the 3rd/4th D earth, everyone has been living with these beliefs for what seemed like forever.


Now as the cosmic clock ticks round, the earth solar system universe is in the next stage of evolution.


This means that mankind is discovering that as energetic beings all life is connected in these energetic waves of light.

This is where we are now; us and all of humanity and life is under change of frequency that has brought us into a higher vibration of light; that’s changing and opening up the junk D N A of life, so that we can now see clearly that blame and separation is no longer an option.


Every human is a light being within a physical body and will be affected be these cosmic changes, it will not happen as sudden big change, it’s more like a drip, drip change.

Every day another thought of change occurs in the life of people,


Your light body wants you to take responsibility for your physical body, take back your power by how you feed yourself, feel about yourself, how you conduct yourself in a relationship, or in keeping your body healthy, do the right thing for you.


Take responsibility for your self in all areas of you life; you are a powerful, self-reliant, being, become aware of you power to love or hate.

Chose the first and not the second, take responsibility to let go of the blame on other.

Understand that you live in a blame society and this is not how you want to live, become whole within by the love for life that’s a natural feeling of the human body.


Look into your hearts; work towards balancing out those parts that have been debilitating, miss directing your thoughts, feelings and love.


There are many methods that are easily available to everyone, that can lead you towards your responsibility, actions, feeling and love.


When you are reading these words, take from them the sacred light language that’s being given from us M/ F God to you; let it inspire you to move into this lovely new phrase of being and become free from the repression of the separate existence that you have been led to believe is your only reality; this is not a truth!


The truth is; you are much bigger than your physical body; your aura is as big as you want it to be; you are in control of your own reality and if you do not like the way you are now; then change it.


We endow you with information with all the love light and freedom of being connected to the ALL of life. Be blessed. x Cool


The Golden light globe of new earth

A golden light globe has been created through the sacred light grids across Gaia; it is merging in and out with the blue planet; on the physical earth in areas with streams of light.

The light workers and star seeds are being rooted into the golden globe as and when their tuning is compatible. They are being attracted and attached to the G.G. from the blue planet


This is the first physical crossover of the 3rd/4th into the 5th /7th D.

As these light beams attach, the energetic connections are made for the emerging new earth.

It is a pivotal time when the light workers will take their place in the bigger picture of ascension.

As this grows, they will find they have a clearer understanding and feeling of their connection and how to use it.


Put the message out to all the light worker to learn to be conscious of the connection; to use the focus conscious thoughts of love to allow this connection to the G. G. to become your reality, merge it into your life in ways that only you will know how to do.


Keep the connection through your conscious breath into your divine self, to expand your inner light with conscious thought and imagination, each individual has their own way. It’s your individuality that’s important in everyone’s progress and how you create your own experiences.


Being conscious of this up grade connection, will allow you to get close to your high soul self who will show you the way to create your life on this new energy world, in a way that’s in harmony with your light frequency.


As an individual you may be asked to dedicate yourself to the higher being that you are in a declaration of love to the All.


As the G.G. merges with the blue earth you can add your own healing light wishes for earth and humanity.

The effects of this attachment gives you dear souls, more power to help change the negatives on the 3rd/4th dimensional earth as the G.G. becomes merged with the blue planet.

There is difficulty in understanding this, because it’s happening on a multi D way, not just on the 3rd/4th level flat screen.


You do not have to have a deep understanding of the way of the multi Ds and how to use your divine power of conscious, unconditional love to focus it mindfully onto any area in your life or the lives of humanity to change it with light and love. Thank you x Cool


Heal your-self you have the power.

The human body reproduces itself constantly. The time period for this varies it will follow the energetic patterns the cells, molecules and skin.

The experiences the body has are imprinted into the nerves and cells.


Through the belief systems, we believe certain things about ourselves. For instance, ‘I always get head aches’.

This thought is re-creating the physical body again and again with that same headache.


By changing these beliefs its possible to be healed by your own conscious thought, feeling and focused attention.

 Understanding what old emotions and experiences, beliefs and fears have caused these tensions within by releasing them to make space to put the new thought in.

Delete the old beliefs and download the new way of thinking.


How can you change things in your life?

Use your imagination, art, music, sport, writing, meditation, or just being out in nature and connecting.

Make a note of your dreams; they can give you little pointers and information to guide you to the areas of change; that are not resonating or serving you as you would like, using feelings and love learn to be in touch with the inside of your physical body to know what it wants.

Learn to be discerning if something is good for you or not by how you FEEL when confronted by it.


Write down the things that you think you would LIKE to change; make a comprehensive list of objective changes. Ones you CAN change and ones you can’t change.

Also look care fully at what you HAVE got; see the positive things in your life; be thankful that you have enough food; clean water and warmth.


Question your motives for how you live your life.

Do you WANT to change it?

Its time now to go a step further and think about HOW to change your thoughts, brain hard wiring and muscle and nerve memory to accommodated the new way of living.

At this time, work on your self NOW, do not worry about others, everyone is on their own progressive path.  Thank you x Cool