2 articles from 10/16 and11/16 Diamond star rainbow ray


The ascension is doing fine.

The ascension of the planet, galixy and universe is doing fine, everything is in its correct place for this period of the ascension.

To enhance this process it needs the input of the consciousness of the human race, us.

 Every body is the consciousness, this is the way the ascension will be fulfilled, through our conscious heart felt love focusing on the planets progress.

 The way is open for this now; more souls are tuning into their inner self’s to expand their perception of these new changes.

This was never gong to be easy; it has taken a lot of dedication from the early light workers to bring it this far.

They have cleared the way, so to speak, for all those who now feel the calling of their soul self’s from within.

 Each individual is responsible for their own progress and how far and fast they want to go, there is no set rule.

It is entirely on how you feel about the way you view your life, are you happy with your lot, do you feel that you have not fulfilled your full potential?

Do you feel that there could be a better way for the world to be, with out the suffering and pain because of poverty or war?

And even if you feel these things are important how can one man do anything about it?

In the old order of life there is not much a person can do. In the new order of the higher dimensions, quantum weirdness, the way physicists have proven that there is an energy under laying everything, which is in a state of potential and its observation that creates the solid particle from a wave of potential, there’s plenty one person can do. The journey starts with the first step.

 This would be to sit quiet and feel your heart beat within your body. Take gentle deep breaths down into the tummy, feel the love that’s in your heart and send it out to the nature of life. Connect to nature and breath in the elements, feel the power that a tree gives out to you as you sit under it.

 These are you first steps. There’s not much more you need to know, because as you do this you will find that you will feel good about yourself and the more you do it, the more you will want to carry on.

Once you begin, your personal path the progress will start to make its self know to you in ways that you can understand.


There are so many ways to go along this path, everyone is an individual, and each path is different.

We all have our own beliefs in place that will come up in ways that will need your attention.

Things you might have to change, like though patterns, fears that hold no power any more.

As you move forwards on your path sometimes it might get difficult, but there is always a way through, all you have to do is find it in your life, ask for help from your higher being.

 The energy of high frequency light that’s here now, will not be able to be seen in our normal vision yet.

We have always been in touch with it through our dreams, imaginations, and meditations.

We have always been told that these are not real, now we know that they are as real as our awake state, on a physical level they cannot hurt us in any way, they have no power over our physical body.

If we have a ‘bad’ dream, one that frightens us, we do experience this fear but we will still wake up from the dream intact with no harm done. But the experience of it will be real and be remembered as a dream experience.

 If we have a frightening dream it opens up the mind so that we can look at what it was that did this, then assess where it comes from and is it a truth in our life.

It gives us the opportunity to look at and change that fear or let it go because it’s not relevant any more.

 As each one of us that does this type of progression the collective ness of mankind is changed because we are all connected.

You change and let go of your fears and demons and the energy of the ALL is lightened because of it.

 We are light beings inside a physical body, become aware of this.

We are transmitters and receivers of energy from the universe galixy, star systems; we have a fantasist body that is a self healing, regenerating organic living thing.  Through this we are able to be the creators of our life.

 The 3rd 4th dimensional life we have been living is a projected holographic image of what we have been led to believe to be our truth. It is a truth and we can reshape our life a by re- configuration the hologram.  By changing our light frequency to the higher level of light.

This 3rd 4th dimensional life is breaking down, being replace by the 5th dimensional frequency of light that is poring into onto our planet, giving use this unique opportunity to bring our life’s into a more balance way of being. Not only on a personal level but also on a worldwide level so that all people can have enough to eat and drink.

 But we have to start with ourselves; take the first step on the journey.

We are talking to you from the high galactic council of light, divine source, God, Masters, you can call us what you like, we don’t mind, we just want you to know that you are never alone, all is connected in the energetic domain. And we are part of it, even though you cannot see us yet, you can feel the love we give, and everyone comes from the stars, cosmos, we are all star dust, so you are no different to us except you have your wonderful physical body to ‘be’ in. we send blessing and great love for you all.SmileHeart


What is life?

Do we understand what our life is and its meaning?  Life is before us every step of the way.  We take it for granted without much effort to grasp all of its potential and the actual full-ness of its pure essence.

Asking our-selves the question of What Is Our Life? This simplicity, masked by our own blinkers, is based on beliefs from society over many generations. To ask why and what is this moment is to really know what and why we are Being.

Energy is everything. Science continues to show this to be the emerging truth and that this energy is Unified, from the very small (micro) to the very large (macro).  Our blinkers (from society) prevent us from seeing this perspective. At each moment we can choose to alter our perspective as a mouldable energy in the waves of Unity.

Fear is an illusion of control for control, created by our blinkers to keep us stuck blindly following, never asking why or what. And if we do ask these questions its not enough to widen our views beyond what we are told is the truth.

If unhappiness is your life, why do you choose to stay there, doing the same routines/habits, only ever full-filling your discontentment? Clearly we all know or have known happiness on some level otherwise there would be no comparison.

 Why choose one more than the other when there are infinite potentials available between these two extremes. Everyone/thing is in a constant state of evolution each moment between these two polar opposites. Question your-self why you only follow the extremes and why you do not seek the more middle ground between them for your being.

Is life to broaden our perspectives to get to know our-selves in a wider sense of our unlimited possible potentials of Being?

When you begin to re-move the blinkers it begins to expand the view, becoming wider (micro to macro).

Ask Your-Self,  ‘what is my life?  Why do I Choose it to be so?’

Remove the blinkers; look for your Truth,

Find Freedom


What Life Is,


By Verna Hawes 3/11/15


The Diamond Star Fire.

Every year there are time gates or portals; these are times in the calendar. 10/10 10th October, 11/11 11th November.  12/12 12th of December and 1/1 1st January.

They are times when the energies of this moment is when our level of consciousness updates and changes by the incoming frequency of light.

At this time, the portal of energy coming in is going to actualise the diamond star fire of consciousness.

This energy is what makes up our cosmic being / soul.

It’s a light that courses through the cosmic heart with pure white light. It comes through our heart and soul as we ascend into the new way of being.

It flows into our body integration with our light and physical body’s.

The 10/10 coming this year is the energy of the new beginning

And the 11/11 is master activation portal.

It is the embodiment of the divine female, coming in through the crown chakras, the pineal gland and then into a balanced right and left-brain, then it goes into our body through the heart centre, it will go down into the earth through the earth star chakra into the heart of earth.

It will gather in the earth heart and assist in brings power for the rising of new earth matrix.

There are 3 groups of people on the earth at this time when the change comes.

The 1st is the ones who are asleep, these souls do not want to change, as the light rises in these soul they will wined up instead of expanding, this might come out in aggression and anger, its their pathway.

The 2nd are the souls who are aware of their progress and the changes and are learning and searching for information to help their progress.

3rd are the souls that are ready to take this diamond star flame within there system fully.

The best way to work with this diamond star fire is to be creative in what we do this will access the power of wisdom of our soul/ spirit.

Do whatever you feel drawn to, music, dance writing art.

This will help to balance and activate your own creation flow prepareing you for when you begin to be the creator of your life. Thank you. x


The ascension process is now fully under way, those who are

awakening are becoming aware of deeper levels, beginning to understand who you are in TRUTH and starting to work together to remember that ALL are one, there is no separation and to understand that the ALL, just is.

You can feel the flow of the new earth energies through your bodies.

It is the beginning of the downloading, uploading of light codes, to get you ready for the energy that will flow across and within earth.

The guidance is to let go of the old 3D earth and allow the new ALL flow through you.

There are pent up emotions that are being dissolved by the love of the ALL now, lessoning the pressure within. Let these emotions be release and dissolved by love as you begin to let go and be guided by the ALL, they do not serve you anymore.


Every one has the love frequency within it is inherent and is your natural state of being. It needs to flow though you as a wave, a continuous wave of love that is always there because everything in the universe is a flowing wave.

Think about this concept, that the natural rhythm of this universal flow is you and anchor it in your consciousness in harmony with the ALL.

The more of you that can work with the higher energy guides personally, will increase the frequency and vibration of earth/Gaia to prepare for the gifts that come through the human race.

We are sending you love in the form of the BLUE RAY of consciousness. This is the beginning of the rainbow that will flow across the planet.

We are also sending coding’s of 444 and 555 to be anchored in TRUTH to the new level of being.

For those who are the blue rays of consciousness are now being recoded to the higher levels of light of get ready for the next part of the journey. Breathe and be with truth in the ALL, NOW.


The blue ray of love is here and integrating with earth, the central sun of Gaia through the portal in the U K that is in the northern of the Pennine Way.

This portal is a direct line to the central sun, crystal diamond centre of inner earth, Agatha.

There are three portals in the U K, one in Wiltshire where the corn circles come. The other is in Findhorn Scotland and the central one in the north point of the Pennine way.

They make a set of three that connects to the inner earth where the nucleus is of Gaia, each planet has its nucleolus, these connect across the solar system galixy and know universe to create a grid of gold light so that all can be kept in the sacred pattern of the flower of life.

Closer to home these portals emit the golden light frequency. The blue ray will be integrated to this and be transmuted into the 5th-7th-dimension frequency within earth.

These colour changes are of a very refined light, blue with light golden light flowing through but keeping the colour blue. This will happen to all the colours of the rainbow as they come.

Each one will be upgraded in this way, the inner earths energies will be this. The same will be available to all life on earth.

Two help yourself you can work on your chakras to bring them in to this refined light, as your physical being becomes light.

Focus your light, this will help to actualise ground and anchor these light rays into you earth and universe.

We will help you if you ask; we want to be of assistance in this beautiful time of change, so please ask. Thank you for reading this.