Reflection on Waking up time:


QUOTE  from waking up time 1:

In Rae’s minds eye she see’s this as three fields of resonating light open fields coming together as one, integrating the three different equal elements together until they are all one with the new earth light field as individual coherent elements.

Jack speaks and brakes Rae’s train of thought.

    “Rae, you are seeing this in the 3D way! I will try to explain how it is on the multi Ds.

There is only polarity /separation on 3D earth!  Its hot/cold, up/down inside/outside etc., you envisage this as being on the ‘outside of Gaia! Not correct! There is NO outside!

Try it this way: Gaia, Agatha, you, me, we are all fields of energy with no perimeters.

The frequency of light vibration of each field signifies the different entities

The way these fields act and re-act is due to the frequency of the spiral waves that make up the field.


Example: Gaia’s field functions on the multi Ds each one of these has its own signature vibration and they can be inter-mingled with the correct weight and measurements of unconditional love focus from the divine hearts that is a unique field of the one.


It’s the feelings of these fields that’s been eluding her:

The councils come in:

 “Gaia’s field is multi D her mantel and sub strata down to the tectonic plate are function on the 3rd D and this is the area that is transmuting into the higher frequency of quotient light, its this that we /you and us the ancient galactic beings have been changing adjusting releasing energy and holding the new waves as they have been coming in from the cosmos since 1992”.

“The substrata are the part of Gaia’s field that holds the negative energies that have prevailed over the years.

Agatha is the field where we the ancients + have been holding the balance until the times of change come.

This is what we mean when we talk about Gaia’s multi Ds and its what we mean when we say man holds a ‘bit’ of this as well, man has his inner earth/ Agatha’ bit’ to use to access the lighter Ds of fields within fields”.


Rae says,” I still don’t get it fully”


They carry on: “you are part of the sub-strata part of Gaia and live on the surface upon her mantel as a part of her 3rd D holographic matrix field frequency but you hold the Agatha ‘bit; within your fields”.


Rae’s question:  “Is that is in an individual way to each person”?


They answer:  “NO! Every person has it in his or her field on the natural state of earth.

The difference between people’s perceptions is what they act on due to their conditioning through societies life style.

It’s the conscious awareness of the inner part the ‘Agatha ‘ ‘bit’ within the human fields bio body’s makeup that dictates how far you can move your attention towards the multi D and be able to accept it.”

“Those who are consciously moving to ascension are able to recognise and understand from the angle of the accepted meditation ways given by the societies knowledge.

Once you tap into it even a little bit you start to unravel the tangled threads of what is real and what is an illusion.

You start to understand the inner Agatha ‘bit’ is the real and only one and the outer concept is an illusion designed to distract you so that there is no time to sit and ponder on the inner self.

Once this begins to seep into your mind it begins to change the awareness of life.

It’s the same with Gaia, her strata and sub-strata is beginning to seep into the inner earth Agatha Multi Ds

The highly charged energy coming into Agatha from the cosmos and outer universe in through her north pole is being permeated out to the sub strata and surface and out to life on earth.

Inner earth is emitting these waves outwards to re-set the balance of the outer surface so that the new in-coming spiral ratio arms of light transforms the outer layer of earth and in-so-much the peoples of planet earth done of the Binal type codes using the Golden Mean Ratio arms of spiral light the sacred language of the creators grand plan the ONE /ALL.

The filigree plexus is also done in this way it has no perimeter only tendrils of the golden mean ratio spiral making up the sacred pattern of new earth light reaching into the mantel and substrata and outer hyper tunnels on and around earth and cosmos done in the same way with Golden Mean Ratio spiral fields consciously transmitting and receiving”.

God bless x


RAE thinks this has enlightened her understanding a bit and is thankful.

Her Personal perception:

If all things have no boundary the field of inner and outer Gaia + us and all masters and all things in the cosmos are as one.

Breathe it down to earth, inner and outer and our entire local universe.


Its all in one place, none is bigger that the other, all is equal, the outer is residing with the inner and we are residing with it.

The energy of the ones who are not using their conscious awareness is denser than those who are, this is the negative part of the strata and is a comparison to the lighter part of inner Earth.

 For man to access the inner ’bit’ use the conscious heart felt love focus of creativity to connect to the inner space of the multi Ds changing frequency to ‘be’ in this moment of focus creating the ability to ‘be’ free from fear.

Understanding if I /we want any info from the ancients or inter Galactic and master we just use our method of conscious breath and focus heart felt love and the energy steam from this all in one place of initiate energy will be drawn towards the conscious breath and free to transmit the needed info.

SO we transmit our request coupled with Heart Felt Love conscious breath and it is received by the like frequency field and that will receive it via our non-local super consciousness an we try to remember it or write it down we experience it and document it to share.

So when we are ‘Talking’ to Jack or Merlin or Dra-gon we are transmitting our request and their field is responding and give out as info for us to receive and its all done on a binal type code using the Golden mean ration spiral arm soft light the sacred language of the creators grand plan the ONE/ALL.


The filigree plexus is done in this way. There is no perimeter only tendrils of G M T spiral making up the sacred pattern of new earth light reaching into the mantel & sub strata and the connecting to the cosmic hyper tunnels that are the connection to the outer galactic energies and attaching to the 5th-7th Ds of inner earths multi D souls.

Ray thinks this has enlightened her understanding a bit and is thankful.