photos taken in 2015 of orbs blue green or purple dots on the photos that i enhance as many times as i could and these pictures are what came out

These pictures were taken over the period of 2015, they are all in different areas, two of them were taken when i was in egypt and the orbs were dotted all ove the place, there is a pink big orb in the sand landscape below the sun. the others were taken at the isle of wight and in southend.

The others are the blue dots enhanced as many time as i could do it with two ipads, these images are what inside these blue dots.


When i was doing this most people could not see them or they said its spec's of dust or just reflection of the light, they rubbished them.

They have patterns in them and they are not random the three at the bottem were as far as i could go but look at they images.

Now look at the eclispse image and see the  pattern behind the son and the orbs that are all over the picture.

Is this dust or is it a enery ship trying to get our attention, Or is it just reflective refractive light that means nothing.