The light has stepped up a notch hasn’t it?

I woke up and the first thought was:

The light has stepped up a notch hasn’t it?

Yes Dear soul, it has, by this we mean the creative flow of the energy field has gone into the next levels in ALL peoples, giving everyone the ability of consciously knowing, understanding, remembering who they are and that they have the unique ability to actually apply it to Gaia and humanity’s future of unified connection into their new way of being.

We urge you to take that step, you-know; the one you have been thinking about for ages and not trusted enough to make it a real move in your physical life.  You have been holding it within for eon’s of time NOW! Is a VERY GOOD time to get on with these ideas in the physical life, create your group, share your articles, get your own web page and start to openly share your unique gifts whatever they are?


Do this on the outside knowing that you will automatically expand on the inside, the multi D within are unfolding to bring in your higher Galactic consciousness.

Expand on the physical and you will expand on the inner realms of light creating a unity- a whole- creating the one!

To create a whole the consciousness has to be within and outside making a full circle if you are only expanded on the outside the other half is missing.

Trust your intuition with unconditional love, open up to your light and let it shine in, as well as out!

Become the true being that you are and take this step.

In the last post we were told about this year’s mid year energy going back to  ‘normal’, a more manageable level in the physical life and it did.

The 10/10 equinox spiral waves has upped the anti, this time its very a strong, gentile flow of quotient light streams that is being directed within to balance the unified whole male outer female inner unity.

As this filters into the matrix of Gaia, solar system, Galixy and sub/local universe it brings clarity of thought the ability to clearly visualise the way forwards! Looking back at what has been said and done over the last 3 earth years, 1 Galactic year will give everyone their clear path forwards in this lovely new light.

This is only going to build over the next time scale up to The solstice, take the step into your truth opening it out to the ALL.


The ones who this now will create a strong platform for the many to openly stand on over the next few earth years, it’s a long-term plan. Thank you.