2. Nov, 2016


Hello, I am Barbara; I have set up this web page so that I can share the channeled information and pictures that are given to me for the healing and ascension of Earth/Gaia.

I will include articles from my daughter Verna Hawes who is also working to help with the ascension and the coming of the new golden age.

First I will give a bit of background, the information has been inspiration given to me through my higher self, other energies, guides A.A and Masters. This started way back in 1992 when I was learning Tai Chi and Chi Kung. I became aware of the ascension through a friend who gave me information on what it was about.                            

I was very skeptical about it all until we began to do full moon meditations on bringing in the female energies and healing Gaia because of the changes that had started.                            

We used crystals and inspired to clear areas of the earth that was holding powerful energetic energy like nuclear dumps, places where there was a build up of volcanic action and tectonic plates.

Focusing on the crystals we got guidance from the ascended masters who showed imagines in my 3rd eye that I followed.  This went on for quite awhile, the moon meditation ended, but my inspiration and guidance carried on I did healing on earth in certain areas on earth, cleared blocked ley lines and sacred stones.

I set up 10 grids, cleared the energy at the North Pole then It moved from earth to the solar system and the universe.

We moved to a place in the country, there was no light polution, I sat in our garden at night and meditated on the sky and learn about the stars,                         the planets and star systems I was by inspired this.

 I was learning to get a perspective on where I was on the earth in terms of direction, where earth was in the solar system, and then where that was in the galixy.                                        

The reason for this was to expand my sense of being in the universe. This ended in 2008 when I started the course on science and spirituality, ifinished this course in 2011.

 Since then I have continued to work as a spiritual light worker, helping to hold and integrate the pulses and waves of energy that are part of the transition into the higher dimensions on earth/ Gaia and the known universe as and when it is needed.

 I channel the information and am inspired to share it; this information is being given from my own perspective. I am aware of the physics behind what I am writing, I give this with universal love and light mindfully and consciously thank you x HeartCool