The Santorin Spiritual Trek Sept 2018:

This is part one:

11/7/18: Rae had this dream; she was getting ready for a party, it is to do with going to Santorin for her sisters wedding, she was to take a step, to attach herself to a light structure that was made up of long straight strong lines of white light, or something like that, she felt apprehensive and did not take the step thinking “I am not ready”!  A thought came into her head saying, “You will be”.

Waking up Rae wondered what these two stream of strong light were, they looked like two big Tram Lines coming towards her and she realised she was a bit fearful of this.


She thought she was going just for the wedding but this dream has put a whole new light on the trip, the power of this dream was still with her she asked the higher beings what it was.

These light flows are coming from 22 Galaxies Diamond Crystal Array that sits outside our local Galixy.

They are the beginning of the new earth energy that is to be received, anchored, balanced and held over the next few weeks.

It is coming into Gaia and Rae through her new chakras and Tan Tiens, as she receives them so will Gaia, they are as one.

[The Tan Tiens are the three energy portals that are part of the Chi Kung breathing practice.]


While she was sitting quietly Rae realised there was something else going on in her semi unconscious state of being.


“I can’t quite get a handle on it, it’s to do with getting me ready for the Santorin trip and activations, can you tell me”.


Yes, we are all moving into the galactic level of frequency where we will evolve our quest/ work/ assignment into this next stage, practice being in and out of the Multi Ds to be ready to take on these streams of pure light crystal and anchor them.

They come from the outer Galactic frequency and will go back out once they have been brought into Santorini through you to hold while it moves round Gaia and into Agatha covering all previous light work, it will connect to the cradle, all the other surface grids and into the electro magnetic core of Gaia.

The cradle across the Atlantic Ocean is the expanded part of Gaia’s birth into the next phrase.

We are re-gridding this area to bring it into the next level.


The grids and hyper tunnels are clear the electro and magnetic fields are primed, everything is ready for this Santorin trip it sits on the cusp of the tectonic plates, the activations will be completed and the magnetic crystalline energy will go round Gaia grids from east to west this will be picked up by all sacred places and portals, it’s setting the energy to spread right through Gaia and the collative conscious of man.

‘This is the same as when I got told to go to Findhorn’, Rae thinks, ‘except this has been done for me by circumstances’.


Metatron answers her; in 2015 it was north, cold, artic’ now its South, hot, volcanic this is the coming together of the magnetic North and the volcanic South creating elements together in balance, water and fire, it has to done by the Temperance Tarot card that depict you standing one foot in water the other on land poring water into fire from one hand to the other, it has to be the correct measurements and weights so the alchemy can work of grace and gratitude.


At the wedding on the 6th Sept in Santorin this will happen it will re-generate you as well, your sister are your anchor for this work while you are there they are holding you for us in their unconsciousness.


Galactic Council, Light Council, Council of 9 give Rae a message:

Rae, you are locking down into the Great central Sun of the 22GDC Array, through the Milky Way and anchoring it into Agatha’s Central Sun, feel the security of this to help in what you have been going through.



16/7/18: The master light comes in as a strong Multi D stream that’s got an aura with all the levels in it, expanding outwards, its an Angelic, Arc Angel, Master stream and the aura is Angels of all sizes going down to micro in the quotient packets of light these mini angels are able to merge into all atomic structure across Gaia altering everything by making it lighter in colour, frequency and light.

This is just one field every master, guide, group and light being are fields of energy.


This deep coupling into the 22G D C Array into the B/Hole of the milky way is making the connection into the C Sun in Agatha, it has expanded the fields to facilitate this, its going to profoundly alter the thoughts, actions and feelings on earth.


Don’t worry, be happy we/I am looking after you and its time to power down, this means you dis-connect from the 3D world now!

Instead of powering up with Chi Kung and connecting to Gaia’s 3D world, do the Chi breath and let go of all directive thoughts, breath into the core matrix of our light and let it go in with no direction except flow outwards in light waves.

 Powering down from the 3D world will allow the transformation into this light stream.


Rae listens’ she feels the light waves flowing, it is setting a neuron pathway down her spine, it feel like a shield of light waves, it’s the 5-12th D ray, it is coming into her spine spiraling through her, opening 6 new chakra’s and spinning the new light into her 3 Tan Tiens and original chakras that are balancing and anchoring her into the new earth energy.


The Galactic council guide her.

The tramlines of light you glimpsed in the dream are the energy that is the new earth spiral light that is going to be anchored in Santorin.

It has become a shield over your back, NOW change that thought and imagine it pulsing through your self wholly back to front.

Its clearly integrated as a duplex spiral, this means each strand of light has two parts allowing transmission of two signal simultaneously in opposite directions, it is the double spiral with 4 strands going through the body as one.


This complex of light streams is completely different to anything given for eons of time it’s integrating automatically into everyone both consciously and unconsciously. This is the 1st stream of three Celestial Beings of the Trinitized light.

They will pulse through the chakras and T Ts so that you can expand them out in the 22 G.D.C. Array where they will entwine with our duplex line spirals creating a interference pattern exchanging energy, light and information and replacing and re-aligning neurons, DNA, amino acids and ribosome.



Rae think’s “OK what I need to do now is to start to think about this and alter my images accordingly”.


The guide carries on; as the Lion Gate opens a new spiral [of light time] is being created from the Lion Gate that will affect all of Gaia’s life form, this has been locked outside of mans perception until NOW! 2018 brings the opening of new earth and its being re-connected by the Royal Lion Guardians manifesting the sacred spiral of light time for new earth with complete clarity and integrity.

They are on the 12-24th D’ Rae tuned into their frequency.


It will jerk everyone into the 6th+ Ds we have interfaced with you through the expanded spirals through the chakras and T T s we are integrating the high light codes into your D N A, Every one is getting these in their own unique way it is effecting neurons, DNA and amino acids.

Rae recaps: we have the Duplex Tramlines from the 22GD C array that has been integrated with the Royal Lion Guardians field of light to bring energy, light, information and replacing and re-aligning neurons, DNA, amino acids and ribosome in our body

It’s the 1st of the three Celestial Beings of the Trinitized light coming through Gaia and my energy vortexes.

8.8.8. Meditations We resonate with these light frequencies and new earth with peace, harmony and balance. We are aware of this shift of ages and we prey/ meditate and know that all will make the transition and ascension into the new light into the 5th D new earth frequency of divine design. We know don’t we?? We do not resist I/we are from the ancients of Lemunre, Atlantis and Egypt. And are remembering and seeing the city of the central sun- its light codes and higher D of the age of light this year 2018 is a cartelist for our return to light, WE BREATH IT.


It’s the new earth collective Supreme Creator that includes the Royal Lion Guardians light spirals Galactic Star and Solar Hearts that have connected to our personal new chakra set up in and round our bio suit opening and activating, aligning to the R L Gs light spirals of ultra light within expanding them out to the RLGs spirals of wisdom and light logos who are reaching out to entwine with ours creating an interference pattern that transmits their Ancient Information, light waves and new earth light spirals.


5.00pm Rae is recapping: I have spent most of this day half or fully asleep dreaming about the way of the new earth land scape is, how it is, fields of energy- how it changes colour from blue to pink in one Nano-second, how energies emerge out of a flowing field to form a perfect oak tree then it evaporates before my eyes- how a field has golden symbols forming in set patterns in it- how its a field of a building with golden lights- I have not seen any people there are light beings moving across the area or fields of light forms into a face of a person or master or Vernon or a woman and they all know us.

I/we have been absorbing this L G transmissions fully to day, it seems to have eased now,

Open chakras and T Ts

Intergalactic royal council

Royal Lion Guardians make contact and send back new earth rays from the evolved light, this feels like a soft tingling in every cell of the bio suit, it’s information to D NA to keep the flow balanced and continuous e adjustments, it’s a wavy tingling pressure in ALL PARTS.


I/we connected to the Galactic Solar Heart Field, a green field with a beam of gold going through It’s from the council of lights on the hierarchy of the Father universe diagram in the Keys Of Enoch page 169.

This is coming in through the 8th chakra next to the crown connection its replacing/ altering neurons D N A, amino acids and ribosome.


The Galactic Star Heart field comes from the A.A, Metatron, Melchior and Michael through the councils of light, it’s a silver colour and it is from the Supreme Creator, M F God, great central sun in through he 8th chakra’s from the inner Galactic federation.

This ray shifts everything into the upper Ds, vibrations, and frequencies of light, 5th – 12th MD. In this place there is NO PAIN!


This group speak: On this day we are filling Gaia humanity, you with these rays until they activate on earth, the adjustment you received last night and today until 4.00 pm have aligned your matrix for this holding until 12.00 tonight at that time a single flow will expand out into a new earth field ready for the next phrase- Santorin.



The Supreme creator, Galactic Star Heart, Galactic Solar Heart and the Royal Lion Guardians fields bring four rays that turn from a beam into a field that merges with the green field of the Star Hearts as one, angels are abundant, everywhere, comforting, guarding, holding with love.



Rae meets up with her friend and they talk about working the ancient technology understanding, awareness of being conscious of the things we do, like breath deeply connect to earth, meditate, feel the heart felt love, ask for things and situations we want. All this IS USING the ANCIET technology and EVERYONE does it the entire time unconsciously un-aware of it because we have been brought up NOT to believe it so it has no energy.

The negative energy will block this flow of light connection.

Since the star seed, light worker, way-showers have began to experience these inner changes and have shared them more people are going into the quantum space and balancing by the breath, they are all using the ancient technology, light language and codes that are surfacing now into the fields of humanity.

The conscious awareness has become spread through all walks of life it’s crept into the media under cover, but its there if you can recognise it. Main stream radio and TV are using the words like take a deep breath and relax into life, even the children are shown how to take a breath and bring their energy down.

Other methods of healing, guiding, art, dance, sport, writing dreaming and imagination, these are ALL Ancient techniques for using the light language focusing with heart felt love gives it the energy.

Everything we have learnt to master is from this old source and now we are using it.


PS, I was going to change the way this is set out but the powers that be say leave it as it is, this is how it comes. xx