24/2/17 After reading inspiration from Metatron.

24/2/17  After reading inspiration from Metatron.

He tells in think words, that we are to open up and share to as many peoples as possible for the progress of all souls who are beginning to be understanding of their first steps into the realities of the many Ds of light.

This is the basic process, for the full articles go to eraoflight.com

Click on ‘channels’, Feb 2017.


The simple out line of this process is first knowing that you are on the path, second is the initiation of the emotional body, first connect to your angelic presence’s called the 1st Mechatronic seal integration of initiation of the solar angel, to understand the potential we hold as a soul within the physical body.

Many do not understand this and may get caught up in thinking they have all the answers because the window has opened.


When we realise and fully accept this potential we take on the responsibility of our physical self and other around us.


As we understand and leave the hall of ignorance’s we can then walk into the perception of our etheric self, the souls of light.

Next we go into the hall of knowledge and get our lessons; then we go into the hall of wisdom; where we gain the golden nugget of learning each lesson.


The etheric body holds all our experiences and feelings that will bring forward memories of past times good and bad to help in the individual self to heal from the inside out.

This is a small part of the article and metatron strongly advises anyone reading this to look at the full article to give the full information about this process for our personal progress.

Thank you Barb. Cool