28/1/17 look at it from the other side, by VERNA


By Verna Hawes 28/1/17

Have you ever stopped, taken a deep breath from your stomachand asked;   “Why Am I Thinking/Doing this or that?”

Often it is our thoughts driving us unconsciously, backed up by our emotions and how we feel about them, at this moment in time.  The physical body then reacts through its muscle memory, and, there you have it, Your Life! Tension, anxiety, is all driven by fear.

This is why I ask the question stated above.


The automatic/unconscious assumptions through our own individual experience, belief systems creates a life where we do not feel


What does it mean, ‘to look at it from the other side?’


These automatic reactions follow a distinct pattern, always re-playing the same song over and over again and it gets monotonous and unfulfilling.

By stopping and taking an abdominal Breath and questioning our thoughts, we can stop the same song from playing and perhaps choose another one or two or three etc,etc,etc.


Question all thoughts that say,

‘I need more money’ or ‘I need more respect’ or ‘I am Lonely/Isolated’ and change them to Look at all I have in my Life.

The Heat and Sustenance of the Sun!

The love of My Family/Friends/Acquaintances!

The community around me!

In other words being the now, will give you a clearer picture of your actual life, in this moment.


That’s the other viewpoint, a perspective of the same situation and viewed from a happier place of,

I do have a lot to be grateful for!’

Looking at all the things that you do have, appreciating those around you instead of bitching about them.  Seeing the love that those others are giving to you, in whichever form comes, it is leading you to unconditional love, unconditional love For Your-selves By Your-selves.


Even the most gruesome act is the most hope-full, because it has the greatest potential of shifting towards love, unconditional and unwavering.

We find ourselves in chaotic and confusing times with many experiences, if you look at it from the other side, all of the most desperate scenarios we are seeing outwardly give the most hope and potential towards Unconditional Love and compassion and it all starts with, stopping, Taking a deep breath and asking; ‘ Why am I thinking/feeling/doing that?


Enjoy the experiences as they as they come, they all lead to abundance of wellbeing and non-polarity.


All the high-lighted words are things to look up which will help you along your now pathway of experiences.  To know which pathway is right for you at this time, all that is necessary is a deep breath.  YOU ARE YOUR OWN TEACHER. Thank you.Cool