JANUARY 14th 2017 Spiritual Alchemy Bringing In The Light

I/we asked a question

Is the p/form going to evolve into the new world?

Yes, dear soul, we bring blessings to you.

1st Remember you are in the multi D whilst on the p/form it’s the lighter frequency’s; you still hold yourself on earth as a 5th D being. Let the energies stream through your physical body and anchor into earths centre.

We are all involved with this project with you; you are our ground crew, [as we have said before], we cannot do this without your earthly physical self that is standing on Gaia and creating it with you focused conscious attention and the power to imagine and fulfil it.


The Atlantic drift is an access point to inner earth Agatha, the area of the grid that goes from the North Pole to St Matts to Findhorn to Ibiza to Bermuda to Quebec and back to the North Pole at the moment.

Last year you/we created the Atlantic grid, its going to become the new earth. This is where you are.

Understand; the pictures of the Metatron cube, flower of life, math art, the symbols and all the sacred light picture’s you created are the ingredients for the new earth, and are also set into the Atlantic Grid.


These symbols are the sacred shapes of basic life patterns, when you set them into the Metatron cube math art picture’s, its make a sound base for us to work with.


This is the p/form for the new earth created by the electro magnetic fields of the area of the Shoeburyness UK portal, our energetic ship holds it all, your holding this connection; Verna’s work is coming into being, her shape is the nucleus of the new earth.


The update is, we are holding the light frequency of the P/form in the higher Ds of Agatha while the central sun start to expand it outwards about us. Its transmuting into its true light being, a Golden Globe that you can go inside and ‘be’ in the centre nucleus of this baby new earth.

There is no more strength needed just sit and ‘be’ where your energy is needed for this next 7 days, by then it will be set.



The Central Sun

The central sun is divine light, its not in one place, the concept of a sun is an energetic light in the shape of a ball, and this is a physical sun.

This is not so with the central sun, its make up is completely different to the physical sun, its waves of living mutable, conscious energy of the sacred YAHWEH.    Its everywhere at all times.

You are in an energy pool of this light swimming about it’s penetrating.

There are the same levels of light in this energy as in everything, the degrees and scale of light is enormous, and the consciousness is the central sun, the field the source, the Yahweh and the ALL.


The Pleiades elder called P.I.

Because I/we were feeling a bit uncomfortable energetically, we asked for a direct line to the Pleiades of light and got a Pleiades elder called P.I. a tall thin man in a monk’s habit.

 He reminded us that the plat/form is a circle across part of Gaia and within everything, surrender to it, be it, and hold it.

Its well held and anchored into the universal central sum of the ALL and locally into the black hole of the Milky Way.

Focus on the imaged on the p/form, ‘be’ there, breath anchor and expand, do it NOW.

I/we are feeling deep emotion from Gaia.

P.I. says ‘this is good; allow the emotion to expand to balance it.

Working in the multi Ds is different,’

You will not find many likeminded people in you life. You have your connections to the light beings as a one to one. The reflective Yahweh is your source.

Its time to adjust to this truth heartily, do not try to ‘be’ as you would put it. ‘Normal’! You are not in the same frequency as that controlled ‘normal place.

The p/form is to be the new earth it has been created so that everybody can ‘be’ on/in it.

On this p/form you can drop the physical barrier and just be your light emanations flowing onto /into the ALL through Gaia and the universe.

When David Bowie left Gaia the energy released took everyone into a space of light, it taken one year for your entity to fulfil this shift,

We can feel the changes!

P.I.  Yes, you anchor them and expand them through the p/form into the earth, solar system galixy and universe and the circle of life that is connected to all central suns and b/holes, you consciously do this. When you anchor, you are doing it on the whole of the circle of the life’s central suns in the multi Ds.

Take your place; stand straight with the knowledge that your holding the Yahweh light emanating it to the all with love. X


The reason we are doing the 2016 calendar is because when we work now, we go into the higher Ds, then come out of it and cannot remember clearly what we did. Writing this calendar is not only revision, it’s the creation of what we did, reflecting on how its being adjusted this year.

Scribe this journal by hand it is to be read by the next generations of light worker’s.

In this calendar 2016 we are reliving what we did last year in Jan, and experiencing what’s happening this year 2017.

P.I.  Yes, it is and what’s happening is, you are working on the multi Ds at the same time, and you can feel the different streams.


The streams of energy are parallel and merging into each other creating spiritual alchemy, synergy, transmutation, this connection is to bring the Ds from last year directly into the multi Ds of this year and its this merging, that’s creating the magic, spiritual alchemy of the new element 

that will be created.

This sequence of adjustments will fulfil by the year 2018 then you will go to the next phrase of the healing.

Now I/we choose how we deal with this!

We the Pleiades, Syrians, Archturians, Council of light, C.O.H, and Mother/ Father God collectively known as the galactic family are your guidance along with the 3Ms + all other masters; are directing the specific healing you do, this is your mission, all the work; i.e. the drawing, writing, receiving of light codes, symbols, alchemy, anchoring and holding the p/form, sharing web pages and scribed journal it is all connected Cool Cool

The healing is changing your physical body; the scar tissue, and it will release the emotions that are held there until it’s released.

Be aware of this and change it as soon as it comes in, like you did today.

Remember you are light being/alien on a world that does not recognise you.

The Golden Light Globe

The P/form has ‘be’-come a circle, a Golden Light Globe now, with us in the middle its pale golden.

 I/we really do not understand this process!!


P.I. answered us; Its OK B.J. you will not be able to while you are on the earth plane, be rest assured that your key work is crucial for us to work with and the progress of ascension.

Its outside of your perspective, trust is necessary; we can tell you that the new globe is the beginning of the new earth. It has gone into Agartha now, with you in it.


The coming together of Verna’s pyramid, the globe, the energy ship portal, has become the D space energy ship in Agatha. As they come together a sacred diamond star is formed within the D space of Agatha with you inside of it.

It’s connected to the central sun in Agatha that’s in line with the galaxy’s central suns of the Milky Way and Andromeda.


This work is spiritual alchemy, transmuting into what’s needed to fulfil the new earth in all its perfection, it’s outside of your understanding.

You have enough to do in your own connected way on earth to not concern yourself with what’s going on mechanically in the multi D of this stream.


Gaia is aligning with the Vega star system

We have just read that and it’s to do with Gaia’s chakras, opening and aligning to take on the higher Ds.

Our question is.

Are the energies we have been holding last year and this year to do with this alignment?

Answer. It’s a resounding yes; to create anything there has to be a space for it. You/we have created this with the Gamma light and the p/form /globe.

Remember this is happening in the Ds outside of the earths 3rd/4th D world, remember, you are outside in the same way when ‘be’-ing in the silence of love.

It’s the Atlantic grid and the Gamma light wave from last year   December 2015 to February 2016.

Now, it was the p/form, then of golden light globe with the diamond crystal light inside with you anchored into Agatha.

This is the space, because of the restriction of the human brain you will not be able to fully understand what’s happening.


Take heed of the information from the other articles info for your understanding.

We are all working together on this and the information from all sources is relevant.

This is a giant re-positioning of Gaia in the universe to become aligned to Vega’s central sun so that her chakras are open and lined up ready for the change over during this year.


Do not think too deeply about this just know that you carry on holding the globe now inside Earth and Agartha.

The important thing is that you make yourself feel happy, comfy and in harmony with this light energy while you are holding.

This IS transmuting the globe into the correct frequency for the big change over in March.

By 21st of Jan your position will change and we can give you more details.

Some of the disruption you are experiencing on the 3rd /4th earth is because you are so deep in the multi Ds. Be careful, slow and deliberate in what and how you live.

Keep vigilant with holding the compassion, love, balance, harmony, consciousness, focus and creation. Thanks.