Star Gates and Gate ways 21/2/17

Star Gates and Gate ways  21/2/17

I have just read an article.

Its about the star gates and gateways opening in this month, so that we can be aligned and ready for the spring equinox when the sun and moon align; at this time there will be an energy influx across the globe that will enhance and enable our souls to move into the higher dimensional space.

It is a transitional star gate, which will allow humanity to connect to the solar cosmic Christ embodiment and will begin on the 22/2/17.

This is a turning point; 222 represents the time when cosmic clock will click in the combination lock; it will be the 1st trigger that will align us up for the shift that will happen in the spring equinox.


Star seeds, grid worker, way showers and gatekeepers hold a unique encoded message within their D N A that is activated at certain stages of the process of ascension.

They open these gateways and portals within man and the solar aspect of Gaia.

It is important to listen to our intuition when guided and sit in areas that we are guided to, using crystals to help us; our D N A aligns with crystals beds, sacred and ancient sites underground, where there are specific codes that will activate during the shifts, these have been previously set by us and our divine team that have left specific codes to activate during these shifts.

Our solar heart centre is the conduit for re-activating the sacred aspect of the D N A.

February 22nd – 25th activates us for the solar eclipse trigger.

Way showers hold a Hugh space for humanity to step into. Sit in the quiet space, go within, or meditate; the eclipse energies will support the integration of this embodiment during this week’s gateway.

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