Did we know that our thoughts and emotions influence the geomagnetic field consciousness interaction and give out encoded messages into to this field?

This field has changed due to an increase in this vibrational frequency.

The measurement of vibration has gone from 7.8 cycles per second to 15-25 per second, this also spikes to over 30 cycles per second they activate different levels of consciousness both positive and negative.


These wave frequencies act on the brains waves, they accelerate the alpha and theta vibration that allows a connection to the divine self that’s within all life, everyone is becoming connected to the global consciousness; this is the field that interacts with thoughts and emotions and of man.


Your thoughts and emotions are influencing and encoding this geomagnetic field.


Become responsible and aware of the power that thoughts and emotions hold, be aware of the opportunity that this is giving all peoples on their different levels to transform the collective emotions.


Your mind is a field of consciousness outside of your body. 


The negatives on earth are fed by the collective consciousness of all peoples; you now have the opportunity to turn it about.

Those who are consciously aware of their divine power within are in a perfect place to transform this into a positive light by just changing their thoughts and interaction with others in our life.


Yes, there is a big collective of negative thoughts but we who hold the light are greater than that now, when one light worker changes their own way of thinking it grows and becomes their norm; it acts 1,000 fold on the collective consciousness and makes a big positive light in the negative field.


It’s the spiritual alchemy and every-one holds the power to bring about a positive change over them-self’s and the planets negative fields.


Change the balance in the fields on earth and shift the balance within your self by using your consciousness positively and heart felt unconditional love focus on them bring about harmony and balance.


This is an opportunity for the collective consciousness of humanity to become aware and move into the light, letting go of the negatives that have prevailed on earth it is a healing and transforming time when many are shifting and awakening of consciousness across the globe.