WE ARE M/F GOD and have come to tell you that we are in another window of energy.


WE ARE M/F GOD and have come to tell you that we are in another window of energy.

 These changes are of a magnitude of high frequency light; everything is shifting on the energy light frequencies.

For all souls on earth and Gaia; this is a time to be celebrated with the great love that’s flowing within all.


On a dimensional level there are still those who are NOT shifting yet and this is creating a divide within groups of people.

Its like someone has put a wolf in a group of people, those who still hold the deep seated fear of this animal from long ago will run as fast as they can to get away.

The ones who are on the path of divine love will emanate love and the wolf will become their friend.


This points out that some people still hold the fear base for their life and have not realised that with a change of perspective, they can make their deep-seated fears their friend.

This is creating a separation between the groups of people that’s becoming very obvious and the tension sometimes run high.


If you are an open minded light worker or way shower you can be in a situation in your life where this is becoming very obvious. If you find yourself embroiled in this disparity of energy differences; by standing solid, anchored to the now light energy of the new earth grid, you can emanate and quietly shift the tension by you actions of calmness.

Be the quietly spoken mediator of the tensions between others. Gently hold your love light frequency, anchored to Gaia and step into the friction to poor loving calm water over the situation.


If you are not meant to do any thing you will walk away from it. But if you are actually confronted by it, than your divine self is there to help the balance at that time.

This is but one of the ways a light worker can help others and situations.                                                                                                  There are many, many ways that the light soul can work.

Be open minded enough to recognise when your light emanations are needed to calm any type of life situations and shine the love light when you are inspired to or when you find you life path has led you to a disparity situation.



The experience I/we are going through at this moment has made us realise how the separation of energies are causing so much conflict in our world and life, the differences between the new earth frequency and the 3/4/ the dimensional earth.

How far apart they are!

The experiences I/we are having is our mum has gone over to the light now, she was 95.

We are a large family of 7 children, 6 girls and 1 boy.

The elder sisters opted out of the situation, leaving the younger sisters and our brother to deal with the arrangements and they were arguing, they asked me/us to come to the island to help calm the situation, which we did.

They live on the Island of Wight. We live in Essex.

This has shown me/us just how much distance there is between me/us and them on an energetic level.


How they are living in a loop of negative patterns, that was not being understood, let alone being broken.                                                        All I/we could do was to stand back and wait until they had expressed their feeling until it had been expelled.

Them they asked us/we to talk to my brother who was really angry.

I/we was giving out the love light from the beginning and it did cut through the negative energy.

As we talked they calmed down and we successfully got the arrangements sorted out, now we are working delicately from the same page. The emotions of this situation run high now we can lay our mum to rest in grand style.

The thing that stood out was the differences of frequency of the energy’s between us.

Has anyone else had a real life situation that has shown so clearly the energy differences between the higher Ds and the 3/4 th D worlds and HOW to cope with it? This is given with love.Cool