The new earth perspective is about being in the higher frequencies in the same place as the old earth and anchoring, rooting and activating it into the soul-self of this NOW.


 Basically in life, all things are in the same space vibrating at a different frequency that can be accessed by the thought and love given from the heart consciously.


This is how a person can anchor the new earth that vibrates on the 5th D into their own body; by being quiet and breath in the light energy of the new earth and anchoring it into the heart of the physical body then into Gaia’s 5th vibrational frequency this will change your perspective of what the new earth means.


Think the thought, be quiet, breath into the lower body, connect to your heart, Gaia and the lighter being, for this moment you are anchored into new earth.


People have moved into a new perception of how they feel, the clear thinking, the different attitude and feeling within, the space inside, the calm and the peace, its been promised.

It’s the 1st step to new way of being and feeling confidence about staying in it.