There are places on earth where the crystals have been hidden

There are 3 crystals in Arkansas: 

2 at Brazil Bahia:  

1 at Bimini Bank Sargasso Sea:    

2 at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia bear lake Titicaca.

The crystal skulls are in Alexandra, Egypt and Giza. There is one in Yucatan Mexico.


There are also two-glass pyramid under Bermuda and this is the 2nd most magnetic place in the world.

The Azores is thought to be the tops of mountain of the lost city of Atlantis

Ibiza is the 3rd most magnetic place on earth the 1st one is the North Pole

Shoeburyness is where I work from for 47 years.

Findhorn is the place where Master Metatron can come to the surface of Gaia.


Algeria is on the tropic of cancer is another point on the map. Quebec is another one.

Svedberg is another.

 Kazakhstan is the last one.

The North Pole is the starting place.

We are going to be healing, balancing and activating these crystals separately to their fullest capacity and project a hologram 5th+ Dimensional space, which will gravitate from Bermuda and shine across the Atlantic Ocean.

This way we can make ourselves know without any physical contact except speech or resonation and harmony frequency of light.