Mindfully Bringing The Chakras Into The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions.

2/2/17 Chakra Upgrade

Mindfully Bringing The Chakras Into The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Dimensions.

I,we was inspired to upgrade our chakras from the 3rd to the 4th and then the 5th during a set of meditations that we did at St Matts church with a small group.

We were told that; as you do your own; you also upgrade of Gaia’s chakras.

The first part to do is to bring the original chakras down into the legs.


There has been a harmonic convergence that has allowed an energy structure to develop, to allow the fifth dimensional charkas to come into physical existence. To access them we can use meditation and visualisation techniques.

It has also allowed the inspirational channel of Mahatma to become available to all of us all now.


The first base charka, that is located at the base of the body and is red, move’s down to the sole of the feet, this is where it roots directly into earths diamond crystal centre. Try to feel it move down your legs. To help your self you can call on the Archangels, each charka has an archangel that connects the energy of the glands. The gland with this base charka is the renal gland and Archangel Gabriel sits with this gland and charka.

It’s important to root each of these energies right down into the centre of earth.


The next one is the orange charka that is located in the sacral centre, goes down to the ankles and then into the diamond crystal centre of earth. Archangel Gabriel also sits with the sacral centre, feel the connection and then feel it move into the new place. The gland for the sacral is the gonad.


The yellow charka that is in the solar plexus moves down into the calves and then roots it into earths centre.  Archangel Uriel sits with the solar plexus charka. Feel it gently move down to the calves. The pancreas is the gland for the solar plexus.


The green and pink of the heart charka moves down to the knees. Archangel Chamuel is with the heart charka. Think about this beautiful charka and direct it down to your knees this will also root down into earth. The gland for the heart is the thymus gland.


The turquoise throat charka goes down to just above the knees and the root it the earth. Archangel Michael will help you move this beautiful energy down, with love. The gland is the thyroid gland.


This spiritual colour, indigo of the third eye charka at the forehead, will move to the middle of the thigh before it roots. Archangel Raphael will help with this. The gland is the pituitary gland.


The violet crown centre moves down to the top of the legs and then goes down into earth.  Archangel Jophiel helps with this crown charka. And the gland is the pineal gland.


The 8th charka, the seat of the soul, stays where it is; this charka is the connection for all of the higher energies to come in through the crown charka. The Archangel is Zadkiel who represents the violet flame of freedom.


When you bring the new dimensions into the places of the body these higher energies will connect to the gland in the same way as the original one did.


The next part is to bring the 4th charka colours down into the base of the body. They come in through the 8th charka and descend down through the crown and all the way to the base of the body.

The colour of the base is pearl white with a soft glow. Focus on this colour coming in through your crown and in to your base point.

Again its important to root these new energies down into earth


The next one is the sacral charka; its colour is a soft shimmering pink-orange. See this colour moving down and settling into it place.


Then bring the solar plexus charka in, the colour is shining shimmering gold, visualise this colour moving into place.


The heart charka is soft pale violet-pink feel it go into the heart with pure love.


The throat charka is a deep blue-violet, as you bring it in feel the energy.


The 3rd eye charka is golden- white, feel it as it moves into the


And the crown charka is white- violet, feel it as it moves into place.

These colours are the 4th dimensions.


Now this is done you can bring in the 5th dimension charkas in, they are numbered sixteen to twenty-two. To do this you use the same method as the 4th dimensional ones and root then into earth.


The colors of the 5th dimension charkas are as follows:

The base charka is platinum. 

The sacral charka is magenta.

The solar plexus is gold with rainbows.

The heart charka is pure white.

The throat charka is royal blue.

The third eye charka is crystal.

And finally the crown charka is crystal.

Bring these down in the same way as was previously done.


These are the charkas belonging to our Light-Being and they emit Pure Light.

Use visualization to connect to the feelings of these in the same way as the previous ones.

It is necessary to root deep into earth with these higher energy frequencies.


As the new ones come in, their colours overlay the previous energy, in the same place. And then they vibrate though the glands and main organ, then through the rest of the body.


This will change the frequency of the body, opening up the access to the higher energies and then radiating the light out and connecting into the living earth, Gaia.

Gaia and all nature have already moved into the 5th dimension. By consciously changing our personal energy we become a portal of light that is connected to Gaia. When we root with heart felt conscious love into her we will be helping her to balance and in turn she helps us.





6th & 7th Dimensional Chakras

There is no time or space outside of the physical domain, everything is as one, and charkas are part of the energy, vibration/ waves. Each vibration/ wave is tuned to a different frequency, they do not change to another frequency they resonate with each other and this is ‘how’ they can be in the same place.


As the 3rd dimensional red base charka goes down into the sole of the foot, the 4th colour comes down into the original place at the base of the body, then the 5th one overlay’s the 4th and then 6th and the 7th move down in the same way.  When you root into Gaia you take all the energies right down into the diamond crystal centre of earth.


Here are the colours of the 6thdimension charka

The base is silver rose.

The sacral is silver peach.

The solar plexus is silver gold.

The heart is silver white.

The throat is silver blue.

The 3rd eye is silver lilac.

The crown is silver crystal.

And these are the colours of the 7th dimension charkas.

The base is gold cream.

The sacral is gold pale magenta.

The solar plexus is gold pale ruby.

The heart is gold white violet.

The throat is gold royal blue.

The 3rd eye is gold white gold.

The crown is gold crystal.


 These can be brought in the same way as the others. The 6th and 7th charkas are ethereal they cannot be actualize in the same way as the previous two. They are the silver and gold energies.


Tune your heart felt conscious love and harmony in and feel the colour of these energies.  This can be done in a meditative state or very calm state. As you become good at it, you will be able to feel the peacefulness blissfulness and love of this energy.


To do this takes practice and dedication, once you have taken the step and gone through the process of consciously evolving your energy the rest will follow.



These last two sets are the vision of the future on earth. It will help all life to return to its rightful place in humanity. Even if you can connect to this higher dimension for a moment you are drawing in the energy to raise the vibration for everyone. By using visualisation, heart felt conscious love and focus on their light, you are preparing yourself and the universe for this energy.

When all these have been brought in it means that we can now carry the frequency of the higher dimension in our physical body.


Those who choose to do this work will rise above the lower frequencies whilst in meditation, although you might not be able to maintain it when the meditation is finished. With practice it get easier and you will be able to feel the difference.

Passing some of the emotional and pre-conceived states of being, that we have all been subject to, is not easy and it takes time.

But even if all you can manage is to be-come aware of these new dimension it goes a long way to the progression of earth, solar system and universal evolution.

To help your self you can call on the Archangels and guides. They connect the energy of the glands to a concentrated universal power centre that radiates a high frequency spiritual energy.


The connection to the universal centre suns is activated when you bring in these higher vibration colours of the charka.

Remember that by doing this process you are changing the frequency of your whole body all the cell, organs, gland, to make them more healthy proficient and strong.


By working on this system, specifically, even once a week in meditation, will be self-healing. Do this with heart felt conscious focused love and by visualisation, ask each gland for the best and highest function for your own healing will be much stronger and positive. By doing this you are bringing more light into your physical and etheric bodies and it will radiate out into the world and universe.


Remember that even though you are evolving yourself here on earth, There will still be the hard times when everything seems bad, sad, or angry. These are your chosen experiences that you have come to earth to have.

By keeping firmly rooted into Gaia through your charkas and in balance with this, the bad sad and angry things will sway you but wont knock you off your feet.

When you get used to breathing through your heart felt love, you will be able to get over these ego based fears and problems much quicker than before.


You cannot opt out of your physical time on earth; so get your feet firmly into Gaia and start to plough your field and sow your seeds of how you want your life to be and watch them grow. Keep your energy low onto Gaia surface and bring the multi dimensional energy into you and Gaia. God Bless. x

More On The Charkas and Spirit

More On The Charkas and Spirit

Since the harmonic convergence, we can now connect to the great power of the MAHATMA energy also called The Avatar of Synthesis. This energy is a group consciousness that holds 12 rays and many powerful beings that help to create a great pool of energy that we can now tap into.


It is accessible to everyone, this energy is golden white and we can invite it in and it will flow through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body’s and then down into earth Gaia. It helps to break up the hardened crystalline thought forms and emotional patterns.


This energy will balance out the charkas in the body individually if we ask it to and it can be called on up to three times a day. The more people who know about the avatar of syntheses and call upon it, the more quickly the consciousness of all will rise.


The mahatma energy will help to raise our frequency of light that will help with our ascension. This energy works on rejuvenating hormones to keep us youthful and strong with a healthy immune system. It works on the glandular system to stimulate them for good positive health.

It can be use with the higher frequency of the charkas.



We live in a world of energy fields and these fields are very relevant to our environment and our personal life. The very basic field is called a unified field and more people are calling it a field of consciousness that prevails everywhere.

As a spiritual being housed in a physical body we are part of this unified field it has also been called the god head and other spiritual names and because we have conscious thought we can choose to use our positive thought to change our lives.


Seventy per cent of the thoughts that run through our brains are negative.

This is because we have been given our way of thinking through our upbringing and environment. Its no-one fault, our parents have received the same negative way of thinking and they just passed on what they were told. Our environment, school, politics and media have backed this up.


But now we have the opportunity to change this pattern and move into a new era. There are books that set out methods about how to start to change these negative thoughts. The one that I personally used is called.

“Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr Joe Dispenza. This book sets out a four-week program to follow to change your hard wiring and old beliefs.


One of the first things is to understand that each of us is a powerful being of light whilst living on earth. We hold the power of god within our D N A. it might be a small part but never the less its ours and if we chose to utilise it we can change our living patterns to being heaven on earth. It wont take away the sad bad and angry parts but it will give each of us a way to get through these negative thoughts and change them to see the positive.


Run with your thoughts within the natural energy of the natural flow of life. When you feel negative it is your inner self-experiencing this and you have to acknowledge it feel it and then let it go. Do not try to control your fears: see them for what they are. There are only three fears in our life and all the others stem from then they are abandonment, self esteem and mistrust. When you get fearful, feel it, find out which one it is and give it love and see how it eases it.

The previous charka information is to help you to start. And it will create an energy field that is connected to Gaia also you can uses all the Archangels and guides to help you through the changing of your negative thoughts.


This information is backed up by science and this has led to our spiritual self. Bruce Lipton research has proven the D. N. A. reacts to the environment that it lives in and not to our inherited pattern from our ancestors. Our physical body reacts to positive and negative energy. Positive thought creates a beautiful soft fluid energy crystal pattern in water and a negative thought creates a distorted crystal pattern and blocked hard energy that can’t flow. Bodies are made up of seventy per cent water. What are we doing to ourselves when we are focused on a negative way of life?