MARCH 1/3/17 Message from the M/F God and the Galactic family

MARCH 1/3/17  Message from the M/F God and the Galactic family

Personal observation

We ask for the M/F God and Galactic federation can you talk to us.

Our negativity is great at this time, our sadness about all the soul that are not here, all the people we have loved over the years. Artists and loved ones, all gone from the 3rd & 4th Dimensional earth and we feel alone and sad. Our mums departure has triggered this.

We have to go through this; the tension within is great, it needs releasing.

Yes dear souls, everybody goes through these emotional feelings so that they can be released. We are totally with you as you can feel.

We tell you and all way shower, star seeds and light workers not to try to do this on your own when we are here to support you fully.

As you can feel, when you tune in consciously to our frequency the tension is not as bad.


More and more, as the transition happens you will need to go into the quiet space, ground, anchor and connect to earth and your higher self through us.

This will greatly support your light body and help the attainment of these high very light energy waves to integrate with the physical body. This will align your frequency to the dimensional light that you hold.


This is not a negative time, its disrupted as this integration occurs, but it is also a time when you can choose to alter your perception of what life means to you and have the power of courage to apply anything that has been your dream into your 5th reality if you choose.


Whenever there is a change; to start with, there is chaos and disruption, when this happens on the inner level of the soul it will throw up emotional turmoil, any negative energy that may still be present in your energetic body, as emotions and the physical body, as pain or discomfort, in any part of the body, this will be felt in whatever fashion you have adopted through your life, before the full integration can be anchored and actualised within.


Dear souls, we are in the very first throws of this process and its you the way showers, light workers and star seeds that are the first to experience these powerful changes consciously.


The many are unaware of this and they remain in their unconscious state for the time being. You are the way showers for the many unconscious souls.


As has been said many times, when you evolve your self all energy is changed, we are all connected.

The wave frequency you give out is going into the ALL and gradually changing everything on earth and all of her energetic lives.


We ask you to use us as your mentors, we are only a thought and a breath away from you now; we cannot help or support you until you have asked for us to do this. It’s a free will world.


By becoming more conscious of this as you go through your life’s trials and focusing mindfully on asking for our help with a thought and a slow deep breath, eventually it will become 2nd nature for you to live with us by your side and within your matrix of love.

Be blessed and know their messages to be the truth of divine and love. Cool