26/11/16 Central Sun + Message for Humanity = meditation

The central sun is not a physical sun it is a level of consciousness that we can attain to.

In the physical world our sun is connected to the central sun of Alcyone.

There are many central suns, through these all worlds are created, it gives us energy and vibrations that help us to grow spiritually with love, and it feels our love and fear.

We reach this energy when we have progressed pass the lower 3rd and 4th D frequencies, through self purification of the lower self, when we reach this state of consciousness we are the light beings and have a responsibility towards humanity and the up-liftment in consciousness for all.

Our sun and solar system moves round the central sun in a cycle of 26,000 years, we are at the time of completion now. This happens twice during the 26,000 years at this time we are at the time when there are photons of light that shine out from the central sun and we are passing through them.

We are getting ready to move through this so that we are transformed into our divine self, as a physical immortal body of light we can do this now within our physical body if we chose to and become the Sun of our true self, son of god, Christ body.

In the past our body would have to die to do this.

Earths local central sun is Alcyone from the Pleaidian star system that we are part of. Thank you x Heart

A Message To Humanity.

Now is the time for earth unity to open up to all souls.

My message is to all peoples who remember that they are light workers; spread your light to all of life on earth openly.

Stand up tall, keep your feet firmly attached to me Gaia and hold steady as you spread your light throughout earth.

This is the time for the true souls to ‘be’-come open and be brave enough to share your love light to all life.

 Feel the connection to Earth, receive the energetic hold that I offer you as you realise your true potential of the immortal light being of creation that you are.

All humanity holds this within, mostly are not aware of it.

Its up to those who do know their true being to help open the eyes and hearts of those who do NOT.

There is no more reiterating about it, its time to do it. Share your light in whatever way you feel you can, most of all recognise your own potential of true light being that you are.

Stand on earth and allow yourself to be mindfully conscious of love and light, to become more and more of who you really are in a world of duality and disconnection.

Heal Gaia through your pure essence. Keep your love for Earth/ Me Gaia, open and flowing at all times that you can. Share, spread, radiate and emit your beautiful light and love for all humanity, life and me, Gaia.

I thank you with unconditional love. The blessings will fill your life. X Heart

Simple meditation.

Find the quiet space sit, become consciously mindful of your inner peace, and anchor into the earth that holds you.

 In your mind eye see a pale golden globe of light above your head, as you look at it, it starts to trickle light energy into the crown chakra, filling it with light.

It carries on down to your 3rd eye and then into the heart and solar plexus, filling you with its golden light.

It then goes down into the earth star chakra that’s below you feet and down into the grand central sun within Gaia, anchoring it with your divine light and presence. Sit and bask in this feeling, keeping mindful and conscious of what’s happening. Then close down and ground yourself and give thanks for every thing you have been given. xCoolHeart


10/10 and 11/11 time gates.

Dear souls we bring you much love, now is the time the diamond star and diamond codes are coming into earth.

This is your soul fire; your soul will acknowledge your divine essence.

It will flow through your body burning away all the old stuff and create the new that is to come.

 As this happens be aware of the diamond star fire as it flows through your spiritual body and integrates with your physical body.


They will be activated on the time portals of the 10/10 and the 11/11, these are 10th Oct. and the 11th Nov. N these days the codes and light will be activated on and within earth.

They bring in changes to every soul on earth.

Its time of letting your inner part, intuition and feelings to be allowed to flow so that the old 3rd D beliefs and energies can flow out and allow the new to flow in.

These higher energies are here to take the level of the vibrations of the earth into a more refined frequency.

For those who are on their progressive path towards the 5th- 7th dimensional self, this is a time to let go of all the old and look inwards to fine the new you.

Focus on love in your heart and connect to that which makes you feel beautifully free and made of light.

Everyone is on his or her paths at different places in this process

Everybody is responding to this light frequency change, its not always comfortable. 

To make an omelette the eggs have to be broken, within everyone, the eggs are being broken down to create the new you.

This can be very disturbing, as you sometimes feel that everything has gone uncomfortable in your life, or you may be suffering physical discomfort that makes you feel ill and disorientated.

Always get anything medically checked out with your doctors, take any advice that’s given by them.


At the same time, try to feel you’re way towards your new light frequency within, become aware of what your inner self is telling you, eat intuitively.

Drink spring water to help your body to change frequency, understand that the toxins within need to be expelled. Do not purge yourself, a slow detox is much more comfortable and there is always time to do this slowly.

For everybody, these changes are flowing through the body and it will start to adjust to it, help yourself ,be aware of how you feel, drink water, sleep/ rest when you feel you need it, ask your higher beings to help you to adjust.

These changes are inevitable, best to let it flow through and let go of control

It will bring you into a more conscious state of being

Thank you

 Be love be light be happy 

8/11/16  We Have Shifted

The galixy is moving into its original place in the cosmos,

taking up its position at the original place where it was created in its     7th D state of being. It will activate and illuminate consciousness with its codes of conditions these ancient codes were laid down eons ago when the earth was in the 7th D state. It is the outcome of the union of the male and female energies

Just by understanding this and having it in our mind, will ground the energy to the grand central sun.

When connecting to these highest energy fields, and grounding it into Earth/Gaia at the central sun we are in the 7th D giving out masses of light to the cosmos and humanity.

 We have to connect to our soul whole-heartedly in the 7th D state to be able to do this and assimilate this into our life.

We can do this work because we are connected in this way, let us sink our beings down into earth/Gaia; she is opening out our perspective.  The source of light does not come from outside, it is within.

As we adjust to the higher frequency of living we will become aware of the other masters and guides. Heart


12/11/16   Be at Rest and Peace.

Q.  What are the higher cosmic consciousness states of the super conscious energy field’s? Are we tuned into them or will we be?

 A. Yes you are tuned into them as a pinpoint of light on earth that emanates out massive love and light to the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy’s keeping the connections and holding these fields as your own. 

They cannot felt directly, only as an energetic stream that’s a constant in the light, you do not work with them, you work to keep their connections open and create portals on/ in earth/Gaia that is for their use when needed.

All the time this energy is flowing light streams into the portals, constantly releasing their high vibes into the planet so that there will be NO BIG release in the way that will cause the destruction that has been stated by some.

To annulated is not the way of harmony, peace and light.

When the big gamma wave was released last December, you held the helm of this ship earth/Gaia so that she rode the waves as they filtered through, this process will be repeated as and when there’s a build up of energy that needs to be released, this our connection. Thanks SmileHeart

17/11/16   Hold on Tight

Dear soul we want to talk to you and all souls who are emerging energetically on Gaia.

We urge you to hold on tight to everything that you know as your truth, as the spot light shines onto the given truths that are not yours, we ask you to find your own power from within your hearts and keep steady at a time when others are trying very hard to convince you that their way is the only way.

 Fear and separation has had such a hold on all life on earth for a long time, this is NOT the truth it’s a given truth from those who want power to control over others.

Hold tight onto what you feel is correct for you, no matter what it is.

 There are those who will stay in their old way by choice and those who hold power over others who do not want to let go. They do not realise that if they just let go of that reign of control for a moment, the power will not change that much, the radio and TV favourites will still be the favourites and the people will still come to support them.

 These souls that are in positions of power, are full of fear, fear of losing their power, money, fame, fortune, that will not happen, the peoples support for these are needed and will remain strong even if all the controllers let go of their hold over others.

 We can see the colours of fear that holds the life on earth and how its being penetrated by the very light streams from all the light workers, star seeds and light beings who are working hard to maintain their own transition at this time.

The violet flame is strong and spreading through the negative fear, slowly disintegrating this heavy energy.

The merging of the 3rd  and 4 th D is well under way; the new lighter  5th D earth has risen up just above the old now.

By 21/12/16 this process will complete and the lighter vibrational frequencies on earth will be fixed. It will still be in a state of flux for a period of time after the 21st but it will be rooted and anchored deep within Earth/Gaia and held from the outer frequency of light wave coming in, this anchoring is stabilising now.

To all light beings that are aware, keep focused on your own anchoring connection consciously and actively apply your new energetic way of life.

Keep going into the quiet space for 10 minuets, keep you light streams of love shining through your face and share it with as many others as possible on a conscious love frequency of light. We are constantly with you even if you and not aware of us directly, our light shines onto all with love. Thanks x HeartCool

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20/11/16 Consciously Aware

As we become mindful and start to consciously become aware of how our feelings about our life can be changed.

Our perceptions of reality is expanding, this means that we are tapping into the different dimensional frequencies of vibrational light that opening up parts of the brain that has been closed off for some time.

What’s changing is the perception of the 3rd and 4th D reality, which is the place of dreams, imagination and day dreams that were always believed to be NOT REAL.

As the process begins to take its root within all life, these 3rd and 4th Ds are layered over each other, the perception of reality is being directed to include both 3rd beta wave consciousness and 4th D alpha wave consciousness allowing us to expand our mindfulness becoming consciously aware of going into 5th Gaia wave conscious system.

As we merge these with our thoughts and emotions into a unified perception of our reality, the consciousness will expand and we will be able to download our new operating system within our ever-expanding consciousness this will also happen on the collective consciousness of all life.

The integration of our 5th D frequency will change our perceptions of what is really true.

 Dear light souls on earth as you activate your 5th D mindfulness consciously you will be the way shower of the new earths transitions. You will be called on to shine and open portals of light that have been hidden with illusion. To find them use conscious mindfulness of your dreams and imagination and feelings as sigh posts and activate them using your power of divine light.

Being a way shower or leader means you lead the way, you do not need groups or anything special, you just do what you become inspire to do by your conscious mindfulness of who you are and why you are here. All light worker, star seeds and soul trekkers are the leader of the way forwards.

 To begin this journey there are things from your life that needs to be let go.

On the 3rd 4th D you have picked up a lot of baggage that will not be needed as you take your steps into the 5th D.

The pathway get narrower and steep, so do not carry anything that’s not needed.

This means old thoughts, feelings, fears, and worries, you may have to let go of some of the physical things that go with these, it does not mean big life changes. 

DO not be quick with this process let it take its own time period, do be consciously mindful of any changes and decide if that’s what you need or want, give all things that need to go conscious unconditional love from the heart before you let them go, this will transmute these energy’s with violet flame.

This way forwards is for the whole of humanity and all life on earth and Gaia herself, we are all connected so anything an individual does is for the ALL and will bring the love and light into everything. Blessings xHeartCool