Be love, Be light, Be balenced with mindful of love consciousness within.

Welcome to this web page, I have been inspired to bring my page up to date, the information on this page is written from my perspective and inspirations.

Things have advanced in the way of energetic frequencies on earth and we are all adapting to them, everyone is going through this and responding in own very unique way.

There is no set way for this, every way is correct, there no mistakes in life, all things that happen in our life is correct, if we cant see it that way, its because we are not seeing the bigger picture

I am tapping into the Galactic consciousness through non-local phenomina connections to share this information, the lighter frequencies on earth are affecting the human brain and body, opening up energy fields and expanding the consciousness of humanity.

Solar flairs and the fluctuations in the electro- magnetic  and magnetic fields are activating energy distortion on earth and in all peoples, the planet is also lined up this the black hole of the Milky Way and this is emitting pulses of photon light energy out towards this planet.

The future plan and technology of ancient times and the universal inter-galactic information is coming forwards for any one who is openly responsive.

There are many way showers and star seeds who are giving their light out to anchor and plant these new energies into Gaia's central sun in Agatha /inner earth.

I am just a small cog in a big wheel being inspired to write about these amendments as they happen.

I wish you all well being and connected love to the divine light.