'Be-coming ascended, Be-coming mindful.

CoolThank you for coming to my page.

I have been inspired to set up a web page so that I can share the

teachings that are givin to me about becoming mindful for self development.

Since 1992 in have been working with the master

and guides to help with becoming aware of life in a conscious mindful way.

Things have moved on, I am consciously aware of connecting to

my higher being and other energies from different realms of

life that exist in the different frequency's of light.

They are teaching me to be mindful of the light in the multi

Dimemsion. How to expand my perceptions to see and

understand the  ways of these new  light energies/rays.

I give this with unconditional heart felt love to you and the

unity collective consciousnes of life. Thank you.SmileHeart